SUPER EASY 5 step recipe to make delicious Mac and Cheese

Craving Mac and Cheese? Try this easy 5-step recipe to make this famous and comforting dish at home and indulge in some cheesy goodness!
SUPER EASY 5 step recipe to make delicious Mac and Cheese
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Pasta is the ultimate comfort food. It is the favourite food of everybody, from kids to adults. One such famous and loved pasta dish is Mac and Cheese which is basically, macaroni and cheese. It is a popular American dish and is pretty easy to make. It is made with elbow macaroni, flour, milk and of course, cheese.


It is perfect for casual get-togethers or for days when you simply don’t want to spend hours cooking something fancy but want a warm and comforting meal. So check out this simple 5-step recipe to make delicious and creamy Mac and Cheese at home.

Step 1


Pour 3 cups of water into a pot and add a pinch of salt to it. Let it come to a boil and then add 200 grams of elbow macaroni into it. Stir to avoid the macaroni from sticking together and strain after 4-5 minutes once it is cooked.


Step 2


In a pan, heat 2 tbsp of butter and add 1 cup of milk to it. Now add 3 tbsp of flour to it while stirring continuously to prevent the milk from burning. 


Step 3


Once the flour and milk have combined, add ½ cup of parmesan cheese to it. Season with some salt and pepper and whisk. Turn off the flame once the sauce has thickened. 


Step 4


Grease a baking tray with butter and place the boiled macaroni in it. Pour the prepared sauce on top of the macaroni. Lightly toast some breadcrumbs in butter and sprinkle them over the sauce. 



Step 5


Finally, add some grated cheese on top and bake at 200 degree celsius for 20 minutes till the cheese melts. Serve hot.


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