From Tacos to Guacamole: 6 most popular Mexican dishes you must try once

Love Mexican dishes? Here are some delicious, mouth-watering recipes to bring the Mexican flavour in your home.
Mexican Food,Mexican Recipes From Tacos to Guacamole: 6 most popular Mexican dishes you must try once
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If you’re a foodie, then you must have tried Mexican food. After all, it is one of the most popular cuisines in the world with its tacos, nachos and enchiladas. Known for its unique flavours and vibrant history, Mexican food is a cuisine you must try if you haven’t already. Spicy, colourful and incredibly unique are some of the words that can be used to define Mexican food. That’s right, no one celebrates their herbs and spices like Mexico does. 

Ranging from the early civilization of the Aztecs and Mayas to modern Europe, Mexican cuisine is a blend of diverse cultures. This is the reason why culinary tastes vary in different parts of the country. From flavourful dishes to lip-smacking desserts, this cuisine is nothing short of amazing. The best thing about Mexican recipes is that they are super easy and quick to make. So, no more waiting for hours before the tasty food is on the table.

Without further ado, here are six Mexican recipes to satisfy your taste buds.


These vegetarian tacos are stuffed with a blend of sautéed veggies, peepers, and black beans. Top with mashed avocado with a dash of lemon juice and salsa. A recipe so delicious that you won’t miss the meat. 


Looking for a quick and easy meal? Try this vegan Quesadilla with Pesto stuffed with a flavourful combination of corn and cheese. 


Rich in flavours, the enchiladas are smothered in easy-to-make homemade sauce made from some basic ingredients, and baked until the cheese melts. Serve it with your favourite Mexican condiments. 


Make your own chicken burrito packed with beans, cheese, rice and more. Burritos are a complete meal and perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. 


For a loaded appetizer, delve into this oh-so-yummy recipe with beans, jalapenos, cheese and more. 


Guacamole is a dip made of avocados, lime and other fresh ingredients. Check out the video right below to know different ways you can prepare this lip-smacking dip.