Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Here's how all the zodiac signs react according to their levels of JEALOUSY

Jealousy is an odd emotion and everyone experiences it. Here all the zodiac signs ranked according to their levels of jealousy
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Jealousy is a strange and complex feeling backed with high levels of insecurity. If someone has something that is yours of something that you want, jealousy strikes in the most unpopular ways. One of the most complex feelings in the world, it brings the worst out of us. It not only hampers with our relationships but also takes a toll on our mental health.


While each person reacts in a different way when they are jealous, here are a few zodiac signs ranked by their levels of jealousy.



Scorpios are the most jealous people by far. They tend to be overly emotional and possessive of their partner. This tends to make them jealous even if someone stands next to someone or something that they like.



While Cancerians feel very jealous, they have a knack of hiding it very well. They do not get jealous often but when they do, you will have fun watching the show.



One of the most dominant signs of the zodiac, Leos crave attention. And if someone they like is paying attention elsewhere, they’ll become a jealous wreck.



Virgos do not get jealous of a relationship. But, if someone does something better than them, they will get envious very easily. This is because they are very critical of themselves and tend to get jealous when something is in relation to their work.



Aries are passionate about the things that they like. But if they don’t end up getting what they like, they tend to get very overwhelmed with jealousy. It’s time to run when Aries experience jealousy because they do not get affected by things easily.



While Taureans are possessive and insecure, they do not get jealous often. For them, jealousy is only an emotion. But if they show a lot of signs of jealousy, that means something is bothering them very much.



Capricorns don’t usually experience jealousy as much as the other zodiac signs. They are relatively calm. They have surprisingly high self-control and do not let anything small get to them.



One of the most understanding signs of all, Libras will not create a fuss if things don’t go their way. For them getting jealous is a rare thing. They are also not good at confrontation. So, even if Libras are jealous, you will never come to know.



They are very outgoing and optimistic people so they don’t tend to get jealous. They rarely get jealous of people and it seems like other people are jealous of them.



They do not experience jealousy the way that everyone else does. They tend to solve problems instead of sitting and sulking.



They are compassionate and caring people and do not experience jealousy. Even if they feel jealous, there is very little possibility that they’ll act on it.



They do not feel jealous simply because they do not care enough. Because of this, they are the most decent people to chill around with. Their care-free attitude is why they stand with people and root for them instead of getting jealous.


Not everyone wants to be jealous, it is just something that is rooted in our personality. Who according to you gets the most jealous around you? Let us know in the comments section below.


So happy I could find out stuffs about myself on this platform... I guess i can now handle things differently now especially with my spouse... Knowledge is power!!

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