THESE are the ICONIC LIBRARIES in India that every bookworm should visit at least once

Do you love reading and can read 24*7, if given a chance? If yes, then you have to visit these majestic libraries in India. These libraries are known for their majestic structure and grand book collections.
THESE are the ICONIC LIBRARIES in India that every bookworm should visit at least onceTHESE are the ICONIC LIBRARIES in India that every bookworm should visit at least once
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Different people have different types of hobbies. Some like to dance in their free time, while some like to play sports. Hobbies are something that people pursue in their free time. It's something that they are passionate about but can't attempt it full time. When it comes to hobbies one such hobby that many people have is reading. For some people reading is heavenly the essence of the books, the sharp edges of the pages and the feel of holding a new book, is something they crave for daily. 


For them, reading is not merely a hobby, it's a source of getting away from the daily chaos. If you are someone who loves reading, then I am sure going to the libraries will also be your favourite thing. Libraries are majestic structures that not only look beautiful but they also provide us with an abundance of knowledge. The humane environment, impressive architecture amidst thousands of books can make any bookaholic joyous. Kindles may come and go, but the feeling of nostalgia, while reading, in a massive library will go on forever. Here's a list of iconic libraries in India that you must at least once. 


The Asiatic Society:


This iconic library in Mumbai was established in 1804. Inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, it's known for its massive white structure and the iconic steps. It contains about 15,000 rare books and is famous for holding one of only two original copies of Dante's Divine Comedy.


The National Library of India:


Nestled in Kolkata, this library has a collection of more than 2.2 million books that one can read from. It's known for its maintenance, cleanliness, architecture and historical importance. Apart from books, it also houses periodicals, maps and manuscripts. 


Trivandrum Public Library:


Also known as the State Central Library, it is the first public library, which was established in 1829. It has various collections of literature in different languages and has a separate section for children. 


David Sassoon Library:


This magnanimous library is one of the oldest libraries in Mumbai. It was built using Malad stone and English architecture in the middle of the busy city. 


Nehru Memorial Museum and Library:


Built in the 1930s, this library in New Delhi is known to have the best collection of books and resources in India. It has a timeless, vintage-looking building and it consists of a wide range of books and periodicals. This library also have archives of Mahatma Gandhi's writings. 


State Central Library:


Hailed in Hyderabad, it is one of the largest libraries in South India that was built in 1891 by Nawab Imad-ul-Mulk. Visit this heritage structure if you want information on manuscripts from the fifth and sixth centuries, as well as news and periodicals from the 1940s onwards. 

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