Tired of eating sandwiches? 6 bread recipes to satisfy your carb cravings

While sandwiches are great, you can only have so much of it. Here are 6 bread recipes you can try to satisfy the carb cravings.
Quick recipes,Sandwich,bread recipes Tired of eating sandwiches? 6 bread recipes to satisfy your carb cravings
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With our favourite restaurants closed or us avoiding take outs, we have nothing but homemade food to rely on. So, everybody is trying their hand at cooking but are slowly getting tired of eating the same food over and over again. The same goes for sandwiches. If you’re someone tired of eating sandwiches every day for breakfast or lunch, this article is for you. There is so much more to bread than just sandwiches. You can make many different recipes using bread. 

Getting bored of the same old sandwich recipes? Running out of ways to spice up your sandwich? Well, you’re not alone. Eating the same kind of food can be monotonous and tiring. So, to help you spruce up your lunch using bread, we have compiled a list of some lip-smacking, delicious bread recipes that you can try at home. But you should keep in mind that eating too much bread can contribute to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. So, you should eat it in moderation. 

Keeping that in mind, scroll down for 6 yummy bread recipes to satisfy your carb cravings. 

Bread Vada 

These are deep-fried, tasty snack perfect for the time when you crave some carbs and some delicious delights. 

Bread Cutlet 

This easy recipe uses bread, mashed potatoes, cheese and few veggies to make some stomach filling, lip-smacking snack. 

Bread Paneer Rolls 

A tasty and quick recipe made by stuffing paneer in bread. You can eat it fried or baked depending on your taste. 

Bread Pizza Disc 

Bread pizza disc is an easy and quick recipe made with bread slices, crunchy vegetables and some spices. Everyone should try this delicious recipe at least once

Garlic Bread 

Bread topped with loads of garlic, herbs and butter is the perfect snack for those missing restaurant garlic bread. 

Masala Bread 

Craving something spicy? Try this recipe can be made with leftover bread and pav bhaji masala. It is a very popular flavoured snack everyone should try. 

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