Travel Diet Tips: THESE tips will help you avoid weight gain while travelling

When it comes to travelling, all of us love to try different type of food items. If you are someone who loves to eat while travelling but also worry about the weight gain, then here's how you can avoid gaining weight while travelling.
Travel Diet Tips: THESE tips will help you avoid weight gain while travelling Travel Diet Tips: THESE tips will help you avoid weight gain while travelling
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When it comes to travel, we not only love to explore places like a local, but we also love to try the local delicacies of that particular place. Local food items not only describe the culture and tradition of a place, but it also tells us a lot about the flavour of that place. Be it Kathi Roll from Kolkata, Vada Pav from Mumbai, or Momos from North East, we want to try everything. But often while trying delicacies around the world, what we don't think about is our weight. 


With time, the concept of travel weight is becoming popular. If you are someone who loves to try local food but are always afraid to try it because of the calories, then don't worry we've got you covered with this one. Read below to find out easy peasy ways to stay healthy and energized when on the road.


Drink water:


Dehydration is the main reason as to why we often feel hungry and crave sweets. And when it comes to aeroplanes and hotel rooms, getting to them is usually a very dehydrating process. So, bring a water bottle with you and drink up!


Try walking a lot:


Walking around will not only make you burn those extra calories, but it'll also allow you to explore the place in a better way. Walking will help you to interact with locals and you travel to explore, so explore on foot.


Plan your day:


If you are planning to explore a particular set of things in a day, then plan your day ahead of time. This way you can also fit in a workout or find about the places where everything is not fried, or plan a stress-free fun-filled day that is ideal for you.


Order wisely:


Yes, you can have the local cuisine for a day or two, but when it comes to ordering daily, find your vegetables, non-fried foods, lean proteins and whole grains. Be a little high maintenance when you can and order what will work for you and your plan.


Think about yourself:


If you are planning with a friend or with a bunch of other people, make sure to eat what you want, be active, live your life so you see the results you want. It isn't always possible on trips since so much is out of your control, but when you can, go for it!


Limit alcohol consumption:


Of course, if you are travelling to a new place, you are bound to drink. But what you don't keep in mind are the calories that add up. So be wise while drinking and limit your intake. 


Savour the cuisine:


Of course, there will be treats and sweets, everywhere you go. So enjoy each bite, each moment and savour it, then compromise one meal or get a quick workout done.


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