Travel on Mind? THESE are some Indian alternatives to international places

Planning to travel somewhere soon? If yes, then ditch these international destinations, and visit these Indian destinations instead. These Indian destinations are known for their resplendent beauty and views.
Travel on Mind? THESE are some Indian alternatives to International places Travel on Mind? THESE are some Indian alternatives to International places
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With time, more and more people are choosing to travel. Travelling is a personal experience that not only shapes you better as a person, but also teaches you more about life. You get to meet new people, eat local cuisines, explore the unexplored and much more. Travelling to different countries has become popular, and we Indians have suddenly started exploring other countries than our own. India has so much to offer in terms of beauty, food and culture. And if you are planning a trip soon, then, how about discovering some wonders closer to home? Here are some places in India that'll remind you of their overseas counterparts, minus the hefty travel expenses. 


So if you are a traveller by heart, these are some places in India that should be on your list. These places will not only give you foreign feels but will be light on the pocket too. 


Switzerland on mind? Visit Gulmarg instead:


Gulmarg in Jammu & Kashmir is not only known for its natural beauty, but it's also known for its Gondola rides and skiing activities. It's lush green valleys and snow-capped mountains will remind you of Switzerland. Covered with pine-fringed green pastures in summer, and blanketed in snow in winter, Gulmarg should be added to your list right away. 


In awe with Niagara Falls? Visit the majestic Athirapally Falls first:


The Athirapally falls in Thrissur, Kerala is known as the Niagara Falls of India. The grand falls are surrounded by lush forests harbouring abundant wildlife. So if you've dreamt of going to Niagara falls, then wait no more and visit Athirapally falls. 


For the love of flowers, ditch Antelope valley of flowers and visit valley of flowers in Uttarakhand:


USA’s Antelope Valley of Flowers comes alive with seasonal surprises. But India also has something that'll blow your mind with its beauty. In India during the monsoon months, around 300 varieties of flowers blanket the Garhwal hills in Uttarakhand. The blossoming geraniums, roses and asters will surely take your breath away. 


Heard about Bangkok's floating market? How about visiting Srinagar's floating market:


Before you fall in love with the floating markets of Bangkok, let's tell you that Srinagar, in Kashmir has equally stunning markets where you can shop for vegetables and souvenirs. Dal Lake is famous around the world for its scenic location, its shikaras and houseboats and its floating market. 


Want to go to Thailand for diving? Checkout Lakshadweep instead:


Thailand is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts. In India, the turquoise-hued waters of Lakshadweep islands aren’t far behind. The real attraction rests underwater: the pristine lagoons, unspoilt coral reefs and rich marine life make this place a must-visit. 

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