Travel pick of the week: Himachal Pradesh; Here's everything you need to know

Updated on Sep 26, 2021 11:22 AM IST  |  114.7K
Places to visit in Himachal
Himachal Pradesh travel guide

A 9 to 6 job, tons of office meetings, innumerable taunts of your boss, and the two-hour long drive to office, will not only snatch away life from your personality, but may also make you feel exhausted and out of concentration. This, therefore, calls for a small getaway.

And when we talk about getaway, for many it will be a synonym to mountains. And why not? Majestic clouds, cold breeze, a scenery to die for, and the royalty of the mountains, all make for a perfect detox trip.

To add to the serenity, imagine ‘Phir Se Ud Chala’ by Mohit Chauhan playing in the background. We are sure, all this makes you feel like teleporting yourself to one of the most beautiful states of India, Himachal Pradesh. If that’s the case, we have got you sorted.


If in Himachal, there’s no way you are not going to these places to go back with an experience that will stay with you for life, and a detox that will feel like a trip to a luxurious spa, if not more.

Places to visit


Only an alien wouldn’t want to visit Shimla when travelling to Himachal. It’s the State’s Capital and speaks of colonial architecture and the shopping experience that it has to offer. Maggi points at every nook and corner will be an added advantage for all the food lovers.



This city looks like a scene freshly brewed out of a fairy tale, and is among one of the favourites of all the travel freaks. The greenery, Tibetan culture, and mountain trails, all will make you fall in love with the city every time you visit it. The beauty of the hills is such that you can’t resist the feeling of holding back, and taking a moment out to praise what a wonderland God has created.


It is nothing, but Heaven. Away from the hustle and bustle of the metros, and the tensions of your daily life, it is anything but usual. Small cottages surrounded by pahads on all four sides, mornings that are chilled and filled with positivity, snow-covered slopes, and the sweetly warm sun rays that give you a feeling of warmth, comfort and at home. Not to mention, the rivers, nature parks and adventurous trekking that the place has to offer, makes it all the more worth visiting.



We won’t waste your time in giving more details, but will just say pack your bags, book a ticket and land in Kasol, if there’s anything special that you need from life. The serenity of the place will never make you regret your decision. If you are a solo traveller, again without giving it much thought, get ready to witness the blue skies and clear weather.


This is every tourist’s delight, and for all the right reasons. The place makes you float in the clouds. How, you ask? If you are lucky enough to book a resort or hotel at a higher location, then mind you, you are living in the clouds. Just open your window, stretch your arm out, and bang it’s a cloud in your palm. This place is best for those who don’t want to indulge in a lot of activities, but need some time to relax, unwind and let their worries out. To give things a spiritual touch, you may visit the colonial churches and seek blessings.


Things to do

Trekking: Who doesn't want to explore the hills, when at a hillstation. The mere thought of this adventure will make your jump off your chair with excitement. Even if you are somebody who doesn't like adventures this is one thing that you should definitely try, especially if you are in Kasol.

Skiing: Sliding in snow covered peaks is exciting. The sheer beauty of the snow, and the struggles of balancing yourself when on it, adds to the excitement. But when trying your legs at skiing, make sure you don't suffer a bad fall.

Extras: If you are thinking that trekking, and skiing are the only fun things to do when in Himachal, you are wrong. Visiting art and crafts villages, safaris, cruises, and paragliding are a few other things one can do, except for walking around the museums, and going on mountain tops.

Best time to visit: February to June

Disclaimer: With the pandemic still going on, it is advisable that you avoid any unnecessary travel, or if you are not vaccinated. While some places have made vaccinations compulsory for travelling, others need a negative RT-PCR test. Don’t forget to check for aforementioned points, and travel only if absolutely necessary or required.

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