Travel Smart: Check out THESE simple hacks to pack your suitcase

When going on a vacation, we often get overwhelmed and end up packing way more than what we actually need. By the time we are done packing, our suitcases become messy and heavy to carry around. If you are guilty of being a messy packer, keep reading to find out how you can fix this vice!
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1. Make a list

Like any task, packing becomes easier if you have a list handy. Jot down everything that you will need - toiletries, shoes and clothes, electronics - and make sure each item is compatible to your travel destination. Stick to the list and avoid carrying anything that didn’t make it to the list, unless it’s something very important, of course!




2. Utilise every space

And we mean it! You have to utilise every space. If you are planning to carry shoes in your luggage, make sure that you clean them first. Once you are done with this step, stuff socks, handkerchief, undergarments and other small items into your shoes. If you are worried about any smell, just drop some naphthalene balls in your suitcase! Similarly, you can also pack toiletries inside a hat or a shower cap!

3. Mix n’ Match

We don’t mean just your outfits! To optimise the space in your suitcase, fold a certain number of outfits and roll the rest. Formal wear and clothing that wrinkle easily should be folded, whereas nightclothes, outfits made of synthetic material, scarves and stoles should be rolled. You can also take a bunch of soiled clothes and roll them together so that it’s easier for you to separate dirty clothes from the clean ones!




4. Use packing cubes and sleeves

Packing cubes and sleeves are a great way to keep your items in place. You can carry a number of them depending on what you want to carry along. Separate your clothing, undergarments, toiletries, etc. in different sleeves so that you waste no time looking through your luggage to find what you need! If you are sharing your suitcase with another person, a sleeve is  a great way to prevent mixing up of items.




5. Pack thoughtfully

If you can, decide from before which outfits you will be wearing on which day. Keeping that in mind pack the outfit for the first day of the vacation at the top and repeat the step till you place the outfit for the last day of the vacation at the bottom. This method saves time and doesn’t wrinkle your clothing.








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