Travel Tips: How to SAVE money while travelling with THESE easy ways

MD - We all know that traveling is an expensive affair and more often than not we lose track of our spendings. Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to save money while traveling?
Travel Tips: How to SAVE money while travelling with THESE easy waysTravel Tips: How to SAVE money while travelling with THESE easy ways
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Whether you are planning a trip abroad or in your own country, every step must be carefully taken so that you don’t end up spending more than you need to. Once you’re on the road, that’s when the expenses start to mount and we forego our resolution to spend less. Vacations are expensive thanks to airfare and lodging costs coupled with smaller expenses such as meals, daily cafe visits, souvenir shopping, and the like.

Running out of money not only means giving up on several luxuries during the trip but also coming back home earlier than you had anticipated! It can be hard to strike the right balance between treating yourself and reining it in while traveling. Vacations are  the time to let down your hair but not so extremely that you find yourself broke afterwards! Here are a few easy, creative ways to save money while on the move!

1. Bring snacks to carry on a flight

Flight food can cost you some really heft bucks. Save on this unnecessary purchase by carrying your own snacks and food. If you can’t finish the food on flight, save it for the next day!


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2. Prepare at least one meal

Since you are traveling, you won’t be able to cook anything elaborate. Switch a meal at a restaurant with some go to food such as fruits, salads and hummus-vegetables to save money. Since you can eat these foods while traveling, you’ll also be saving time.

3. Use public transport

Airport taxi, hotel cabs or a chauffeured ride can be very expensive. Cover nearby tourist destinations by foot and use public transport to get to places farther away. Many cities give discount public transport passes to tourists - avail them.


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4. Go off season

You can usually find cheaper plane tickets and hotel rooms by going off season. There’s also greater availability and you won’t have to deal with large crowds! Just make sure that all the tourist destinations are open.

5. Be wise with souvenir shopping

Don’t blow all your money on souvenirs. Think wisely before buying something very expensive and weigh in the consequences of flying the item long distance, taking care of it and its longevity. Bargain for a good deal because tourists are often over-charged.

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