Traveling to Delhi? These are the best foods from the streets of Delhi

If you’re going to Delhi, you cannot miss out on some of the most popular street food items that this city serves; Read on
Traveling to Delhi? These are the best foods from the streets of Delhi
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North India is known for having the best flavours and spices. Every Indian loves North Indian food. Moreover, we Indian’s are known to be “chatoras”. We love spicy, tangy delicious food. There is a huge market for food lovers. Every city has several “Khao Galli’s” to fulfill our street food needs. No matter what happens, we can never let go of our taste for street food and we can’t let go of those stalls either. The world could give us 100 reasons why it’s unhealthy, dirty or unhygienic, but we simply don't listen. We have managed to build some immunity. If you are traveling to the capital, you cannot miss out on the street food.

Here are some street food items that you just need to try:

1. Momos!!

Delhites love their momos. You’ll find a momo stall on every street and at every corner! They are healthy and you have a lot of different kinds of momos to choose from.

2. Dahi bhalle or tikki

Just thinking about it can make your mouth water! Every chat corner serves amazing aloo tikki or dahi bhalle. Natraj Dahi Bhalla Corner happens to be very popular in the streets of Delhi.

3. Chole Bhature

North Indians serve the best chole bhature and no one can compete with them. If you’re a hardcore foodie, you already know this. Delhi has an amazing variety of chole bhature and don’t miss out that plate of paneer bhature and spicy chole!

4. Paratha

If you seek out parathas everywhere you go, you sure as hell don’t want to miss out the paranthe wali galli for the tastiest parathas. They can serve you parathas made of nearly anything. From aloo parathas to karela parathas you’ll find it all there.

5. Jalebi

This delicious delicacy is pretty popular all over the country. It’s literally dipped in sugar. You cannot miss out on the Chandni Chowk ki jalebi!

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