Try this EASY and fuss free 5 step recipe to make irresistibly delicious pancakes

Pancakes are the ultimate comfort food when it comes to snuggling up in the blanket during these chilly winter days. Check out this simple and quick recipe to prepare sinful pancakes at home.
Try this EASY and fuss free 5 step recipe to make irresistibly delicious pancakes
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It is cold outside and you are in your room snuggled up in your blanket and just about to watch your favourite film. Suddenly your stomach starts growling and all you can think of is warm and comforting wholesome pancakes!

Pancakes are mostly eaten in the morning for breakfast. But it is not anywhere written in stone that you can’t have them at any given hour of the day. They are delicious, sinful and with a dollop of whipped cream, absolutely irresistible! So this winters indulge in the goodness of homemade pancakes by following this easy 5-step recipe.

Step 1

In a bowl, mix 2 cups refined flour, 4 tbsp sugar, 3 tbsp baking powder and a pinch of salt. In another bowl, mix 1 cup milk, 1 egg, 3 tbsp butter and 2 tbsp vanilla extract. 

Step 2

Mix the wet and the dry ingredients together while still having some lumps in the mixture. You don’t want it to be absolutely smooth or thin so make it a little thick and make sure to not overmix the ingredients.

Step 3

Take a non-stick pan or a griddle and put it on the heat for 5-7 minutes. Add some butter in the pan and cover all the corners with the butter. 

Step 4

Once the butter has melted, pour the batter in a round shape to make a pancake. Take about 3-4 tbsp batter for one pancake. Once it has cooked, carefully flip it over and cook the other side till it turns golden.

Step 5

Do the same with the remaining batter. You can coat the pancakes with the topping of your choice, be it maple syrup or fresh fruits or honey or whipped cream.

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