Valentines Day 2018: Romantic restaurants that are perfect for taking your sweetheart on a date

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and we have compiled a list of the best romantic restaurants across India you can go on a date to.
Valentine's Day 2018: Romantic restaurants that are perfect for taking your sweetheart on a date
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Valentine's Day is nearing and love is in the air. Flowers, candlelight dinners and fairy lights may be a cliche but there is no denying that we still love them. New date ideas are innovative and out of the box but nothing quite beats the charm of old-fashioned romantic getaways. This Valentine's day, call up your date and ask them to be ready in their best outfits as you book a date at these lovey-dovey places.
Sevilla, New Delhi
Extremely expensive but worthy of all the hype, Sevilla in the capital is perfect for an exclusive romantic date with your partner. They have a personalized menu for couples including a bottle of champagne and a dining room decked up in flowers. It is captivating and straight out of a fairytale.
Dome Cafe, Mumbai
Soothing music plays in the background as dim lights converge with each other throwing a hue over the entire place adorned in white. Doesn't it sound straight out of a romance novel? That is exactly how Dome Cafe overlooking the Queen's Necklace enchants its audiences.
Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad
Falaknuma Palace is like a restaurant from a Bhansali set. Entrancing and stunning, it is basically a palace nestled in the nooks and crannies of Hyderabad's royal gardens. Take your date here and they'll feel like the king/ queen of your dreams. What's better is the fact that they serve amazing food as well.
Thalassa, Goa
Thalassa in Goa is dreamy and stunning in more ways than one. Set on an open lounge, it has Greek decor and the colour scheme of white, which gives a very soothing effect in the Februarys of Goa. You can watch the sunset with your loved one and stay into the night when the lights come on.
Bungalow 9, Mumbai
This is like a cottage from the 2000's. Get lost in the cosy interiors as you feel time stop in this extremely homely place. Take a walk in the gardens outside once the meal is done. The orange lights make the mood romantic and add magic to the air. The best part is that the meals here are delectable.
Olive Beach, Bangalore
Olive Beach consists of flowers, candles, cottages and all things cute and sappy. Charm your date over dinner and enjoy the breeze later with a walk. The music is lovely and maybe you could enjoy a dance in privacy. It is a Mediterranean haven situated away from reality, giving the couple to enjoy themselves in seclusion.
Suryagarh, Jaisalmer
This one is for the couples who love desserts, bare feet in the sand and a traditional Rajasthani lunch. A shamiana type table is set up right in the middle of the desert, where the breeze is fresh and you can watch the sunset. The staff ensures a completely private experience and great food.
Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur
With the most romantic day of the year approaching, Sheesh Mahal in the Leela Palace of Udaipur promises you a fairytale night under the stars by Lake Pichola. Have the best of Rajasthani cuisine with your loved one, which is carefully curated by the chefs. The scene is exquisite, magnificent and magical.
Tell us in the comments below where you'd like to go for a date this 14th February!

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