Want to diet but don't want to give up drinking? THIS new diet is designed specially for you

The days when you skip up on alcohol are long gone. It is time to try this all new diet fad on the block!
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Have you been battling the weighing scale, always trying out new diets, fasting, not consuming sugar, alcohol and all things nice in the process? Between all of the stress that you face on a daily basis, it is difficult to maintain a lifestyle like this. When the time comes to binge a little, you might end up breaking the entire diet and giving up. Maybe it is time to try the latest diet fad on the block - the Champagne Diet. It may seem silly at first, but think it through - Champagne contains barely 100 calories in every serving and has numerous benefits.


It is less in calories as compared to other alcoholic drinks like wine, beer and more.


Since it is made from red and white grapes, it is rich in anti-oxidants and prevents the blood vessels from being damaged, reduces blood clots and cholesterol.


It also helps in shielding against skin damage. It can be used on the face as a toner, it also helps in reducing inflammation. It also helps in getting rid of excess oil and leaves you with a pretty glow.


It is also great for rinsing the hair as it helps in boosting volume in the hair and also makes it smell great.



The Champagne Diet entails that you only get to sip on your favourite bubbly beverage if you watch what you eat. Eat healthy and then sip on some bubbly. And since the drink is indeed so bubbly, the bubbles apparently reach your bloodstream quickly while ensuring that you consume less of the drink. This way you can watch your weight and attend social events without looking awkward with a glass of water, juice or soda while everybody else is sipping on their favourite beverage.


In this diet, there are no restrictions when it comes to picking out food, but it is obviously advisable to have a plate of green salad or some bagels instead of picking a cheese burger and fries.

This also helps you value your body more by putting in healthy food and letting yourself have that small binge every night, rather than stuffing yourself with junk.


Are you going to try out this diet? Comment below and let us know.

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