Want to look like Jennifer Aniston? This is EVERYTHING you need to add to your diet to get skinny and healthy

The actress recently turned 50 but still manages to look younger than ever! Here is everything you need to eat in a day to get Jen's body!
Want to look like Jennifer Aniston? This is EVERYTHING you need to add to your diet to get skinny and healthy
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Known for her noteworthy roles in various film and for playing the iconic character Rachel Green in Friends, Jennifer Aniston has come a long way since. She is out and about promoting her film Murder Mystery alongside Adam Sandler and has multiple upcoming projects. on the way. Despite it all, she manages to ooze confidence and look like she is is growing younger by the day. Want to look like her at 50? Here's ALL you need to include in your diet. 


Start your day with water. 

The first thing that Jen does as soon as she wakes up, is drinks lemon water. 

She follows this up with a protein shake made of Avocados and Eggs which she claims is one of her favourites. 

If not for eggs and avocados you can also make a smoothie out of one banana, 10 blueberries, 10 frozen cherries, stevia and a mix of green vegetables like spinach. This is her second option, if not for a smoothie made of eggs and avocados. 

Next up, she has her has a heavy breakfast which also includes proteins. 

In a bowl, add puffed millet cereal and banana and consume with milk so your body gets calcium as well. 

Another option she digs into, is to whip up egg whites and add them to oatmeal since she said it adds the necessary proteins and "gives it this fluffy texture that's delicious,"


Lunch for Aniston usually involves vegetables or salads with protein again. 

Usually, a chicken burger is her go-to since it is convenient to have and relatively healthy to consume even while shooting. A simple lunch for a simple woman. 


Proteins are clearly Jennifer's way of keeping fit and staying away from carbs. But a combination of them is what makes for the perfect snack. 

Apples with almond butter or peanut butter are filling and healthy. 

Hard boiled eggs make for the second option when mixed with raw vegetables like capsicum, carrot and more. 


Jen religiously follows the thought process of eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. 

Her dinner usually involves a salad made with her favourite vegetables as she feels it is important to keep the last meal light but also keep it healthy and protein-filled. 

Her overall approach to food is simple. Like most people who are fit and healthy, Aniston too eats as much organic food and vegetables as she can while keeping sugar to a bare minimum. 


Tonnes of water and a night of good and well-deserved rest also play a huge role in maintaining the body.

The actress also makes it a point to indulge as and when she feels like it. She has a built-in pizza oven in her house and a wine room. But even with her cheat meals, she doesn't go all out. 

Lasagnia, pizzas and burgers are stuffed with vegetables like eggplant, zucchini and of course various cheeses. 

When it comes to alcohol, white tequila or vodka is her go-to since it has the least amount of calories. 


Are you excited to switch up your diet and follow Jen's routine? 



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