We Visited the Top 3 Best Indian Street Food Joints in Dallas and Reviewed Them

Read on to know our ratings of popular Indian street food at 3 joints in Dallas, Texas
We Visited the Top 3 Best Indian Street Food Joints in Dallas and Reviewed Them We Visited the Top 3 Best Indian Street Food Joints in Dallas and Reviewed Them
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We are Geethika and Neha of PinkvillaUSA and we set out recently on an interesting and mouth-watering journey in Dallas, Texas – a restaurant review! That’s right, we reviewed Desi restaurants which served street food such as Panipuris aka Golgappas and Paneer puff among other delicacies. 

Our first stop was the Swadeshi restaurant. It is located at 7659 McCallum Blvd. We had Panipuris and paneer puffs here. We loved the dishes and had a great time chilling out there and enjoying the food and the ambiance. Next, we visited Desi District, which is located at 6451 Riverside Dr #100. Well, this place is huge! Also, the murals on the wall are beautiful. There are paintings of food and even an autorickshaw on the wall, which we thought were beautiful. Well, that was all the eating we could handle for a day! We headed home and returned the next day to try out some more delicacies.

We hit the Honest vegetarian restaurant this time. It is located at 8170 Walton Blvd. It had great food too. You may notice we tried Paneer at all three places. Well, you might have realized by now Paneer is our favorite. It is traditionally an Indian cottage cheese, which is delicious when cooked with curry or fried. Well, we enjoyed all the three places we visited and also voted for the best one! Read on..


Dish: Panipuri

Price: $3.99 got 6 pieces

Rating: 3.5/5

We loved the Panipuris as they had an authentic, tangy taste. Next, we went on to try the Paneer Puffs.

Dish: Paneer Puffs

Rating: 2.5/5

They were good but we wished there was more filling of Paneer inside the puffs. However, it is a great atmosphere, pretty chilled, and a great place to grab a quick bite with friends. It is also really budget-friendly.

Desi District

What caught her attention was the beautiful murals on the wall. There was also the rich aroma of pineapple, Oreo, and red velvet pastries in the air. We especially loved how the mural said the food is soul food with a dash of fusion!

We started with Paneer this time.

Dish: Paneer 65

Price: $7.99

Rating: 4/5

Next, we tried the Samosas, with a twist.

Dish: Samosa chat Taco

Price: $6.49

Rating: 3/5

All in all, a good ambiance and great food. The décor is really cool inside and it is a great place to hang out with friends.


The final stop was the Indian vegetarian restaurant Honest. We had to try the Paneer Kathi Roll.

Dish: Paneer Kathi Roll

Price: $8.99

Rating: 3.5/5

Next, we went for the sandwich.

Dish: Kattappa grilled sandwich

Price: $8.99

Rating: 2.5/5.

We liked this one too. The service was fast, and it was great vegetarian food.

However, here are our overall ratings.

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