Weight Loss: Do you stress eat? Here are 5 healthy snacks to munch on during stressful hours at the office

We all love munching on food and there’s no denying that! But the munching and eating get worse when you are stressed and we can totally relate to that. So here are 5 tasty and healthy snacks you can munch on during those stressful hours at the office. Check it out
Weight Loss: Do you stress eat? Here are 5 healthy snacks to munch on during stressful hours at the office
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Eating is something that most of us love. While some people are foodies, a lot of people do not understand the difference between being a foodie and overeating. Most people just reach out for a bag of chips or junk food when they are stressed and honestly, that is a problem when you are trying to lose weight. While at work, we all tend to face stressful times and that is something which is not going to stop. So for when you have deadlines or an important presentation in the future, be prepared with some healthy and tasty snacks around you. These snacks will also be useful for days when you are bored just wish to munch on something tasty. Check it out



Fox nuts are one of the healthiest snacks that you can munch on. They are crunchy and can be sprinkled with any kinds of spices that you like. Makhanas are low in sodium, calories and fats. They are therefore the perfect in-between-meal snack. They also make you feel full, so further cravings for binge eating are reduced. It is also rich in fibre and so can be used in weight loss as well as for digestion problems like constipation. 



Fast food joints attract customers with their mouth-watering fries. But, if you are trying to lose weight fried potato is a big no. So for a healthier option, you can chop up some sweet potatoes in thin slices. Now season these slices with salt and pepper and pop it in the microwave until crispy. There you have a snack that is baked and will suffice your sodium cravings. Make sure to restrict the use of salt to a minimum.

TIP: You can also bake your favourite veggies in a similar way for a great snack.



If you are craving for something sweet during your hunger pangs, these energy balls are the best thing to eat. The sweetness will help you with the stress while the walnut will add a crunchy element. All you have to do is to blend dates and a spoon of ghee in a jar. Once blended, add walnuts to the mixture and roll it all into a ball. If you wish to make it sweeter, you can add honey to the mixture as desired. Just store these in a jar at your desk and you’d be good to go.



If you're craving something salty and crunchy, roasted beans are a great option than chips thanks to their combo of protein and fibre. All you have to do is - Rinse and drain a bowl of chickpeas, then toss them with 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever spices that you want. Roast at 400° F for 30 minutes. Let cool slightly, then eat. One batch makes quite a huge serving that will definitely suffice your hunger as well as give you a protein boost.



People who are stressed all the time are low in certain nutrients. To address this, you need green leaves like kale to help in the production of dopamine. Although you can’t keep fresh kale at your desk, you can make your own crispy batch by massaging a few cups of kale with a teaspoon of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and then roasting at 350°F until crispy. It is an amazing snack to munch on while being filled with essential ingredients.


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