Weight Loss Meal Plan: Here’s how to prepare your 7 days menu with healthy and nutritious foods

Our body weight depends a lot on a healthy and nutritious diet plan. So, here’s how can you plan your daily menu to speed up your weight loss process.

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Weight Loss Meal Plan
Weight Loss Meal Plan: Here’s how to prepare your 7 days menu with healthy and nutritious foods
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Our body weight depends a lot on our daily meal plan. So, our diet has to be healthy enough which includes all important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. It gives the feeling of satiety thus aiding in weight loss.

But why is it important to have a strict 7-day meal plan and how to make it? Here’s all you need to know about it for eating healthy and losing weight.

How to make a 7-day meal plan?

What to include and what not in a 7-day meal plan?

Include lot of fibre and proteins: Fibre and proteins keep you fuller for a long time and reduce the sudden hunger pangs.

Limit processed foods and added sugar: These are all calories without any nutrients. They cannot work on the fullness part of our brain and makes us gain more weight.


Include veggies and fruits: Fruits and veggies are rich in water content, fibre and antioxidants. Having enough fruits and veggies will provide you with the right amount of important nutrients.

Tips to make a healthy 7 meal plan:

1.Plan a meal that suits your routine for every day. If you like to cook each day individually then go for it. And if you like to cook on weekends for the entire week, then plan it accordingly and set your portions.

2.You can also use apps to plan your meal and keep a check on your diet regularly. Taking help from an app is always good for diet maintaining.

3.Always pick different recipes as it might get boring to eat the same meals each day. So, don’t forget to bring variety.

4.Snacks are important in every meal plan. So, keep them in mind always.

5.For variety, always include easy recipes that are fast to make like home-made pizza, salad, soups, pasta, baked fish or meat, etc.


How to plan 7-day meal?

For Monday:

Breakfast- Oats with chis seeds, milk, berries, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Lunch- Salad with avocado, basil and tomatoes, eggs and brown rice.

Snacks- Smoothies with your favourite fruits.

Dinner- Baked chicken with a salad of spinach, mushrooms, peppers, etc.

For Tuesday:

Breakfast- Smoothies with kale, banana, cherries, milk, flax seeds, protein powder, etc.

Lunch- Salad with cucumber, bell pepper, olives, corn, tomatoes, roasted chickpeas with fish or chicken.

Snacks- Apple or any one fruit.

Dinner- Brown rice with any kind of daal and some veggies.


For Wednesday:

Breakfast- Spanish omelette made with onions, tomatoes and peppers and served with some salsa.

Lunch-Left over daal from Tuesday dinner with brown rice and some healthy veggies.

Snacks- Some unsalted and unroasted nuts and unsweetened dry fruits.

Dinner- Chicken or tofu meatballs with some spaghetti squash, parmesan cheese and some other veggies.

For Thursday:

Breakfast- Yoghurt with some fresh fruits and walnuts.

Lunch- Kale salad with boiled eggs or chicken and avocado, tomatoes, dried cranberries, etc.

Snacks- Carrots dipped in hummus.

Dinner- Brown rice tossed with veggies and some meat.


For Friday:

Breakfast- Salad with spinach, homemade granola, walnuts, blueberries, etc. with boiled eggs.

Lunch- Homemade vegetable spring roll with some peanut butter and veggies.

Snacks- Whole wheat crackers with cheese.

Dinner- Wild rice with some green veggies and eggs.

For Saturday:

Breakfast- Pancakes with yoghurt, nuts and fresh fruits. You can also include eggs instead of nuts.

Lunch- Left over wild rice from Friday dinner tossed with veggies and chicken.

Snacks- Mixture of some nuts and dried fruits.

Dinner- Shrimp fajita with grilled onions, bell peppers and some guacamole.


For Sunday:

Breakfast- Oats with fresh fruits and nuts.

Lunch- Salad with tuna fish or chickpeas along with avocados, apple and walnuts.

Snacks- Greek yoghurt.

Dinner- Grilled fish or chicken with sauteed potatoes and kale. You can include other veggies instead.

DISCLAIMER: It is highly recommended to consult the doctor or dietician before changing your diet.

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