What is Butterfly Pea Flower Tea? 5 Reasons to consume THIS beverage regularly

Butterfly pea flower tea is made out of the blue cobalt flower of the butterfly pea plant. Be it weight loss or healthy skin and hair growth, blue tea is highly beneficial for all of them. Here’s why you should drink it daily.
Butterfly Pea Flower teaWhat is Butterfly Pea Flower Tea? 5 Reasons to consume THIS beverage regularly
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Butterfly pea flower tea is made out of dried and blue cobalt flower which is native to Southeast Asia. Its scientific name is Clitoria ternatea but it’s widely popular as bluebellvine or Darwin pea or blue tea. Considered as a holy plant in India, this plant is mostly used for food colouring because of its catchy blue hue.

But apart from that, the tea made from the plant is highly beneficial for our health. The tea from butterfly pea is caffeine-free and it has been used for ages as a beauty enhancer. It has the colour of lavender with an earthy and rich taste. So, here are benefits of this tea.

Butterfly pea flower tea health benefits:


This tea slows down the ageing process as it has antioxidant properties which protect the skin from free radical damage. It also helps to heal any skin issues making it healthy and supple. The antioxidants can also protect the overall health from damage.


This tea is rich in flavonoids that enhance cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of many heart diseases.

Glowing skin and healthy hair

Regular consumption of this tea gives you glowing and healthy skin. It heals all kinds of irritations and inflammations on the skin making it glowing and supple. This tea also gives your skin calming and soothing effects. This tea is beneficial for hair growth.

Enhances cognitive health

In a recent research it has been shown that butterfly pea flower tea has positive impacts on our cognitive health and enhances it. It also relieves your stress and provides you with a calm and positive feeling. It’s a completely non-toxic herb that has many positive impacts on our body.

Weight loss

This tea contains zero carbs, fats and cholesterol which aids in weight loss as well. It purifies the gut from all food impurities, enhances appetite and regulates digestion process. 


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