Winter Diet Tips: THESE foods can help you stay warm during the winter season

Our body needs some heat-generating foods during the winter season that can help boost the metabolism and keep your internal body heat in check and keep you from feeling tired and lethargic.
Winter Diet Tips: THESE foods can help you stay warm during the winter season
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After the crazy summer heat, we finally get to enjoy some chilly breeze of the winter season but as the temperature drops, it takes a toll on our body. Not all of us can handle this cold weather very well. Most of us struggle with it because our bodies are unable to produce more energy and conserve it and keep our bodies warm. This means that our metabolism also slows down and we feel really cold and there are not enough number of layers that can keep us warm without making us feel tired and lethargic. But what we don't pay attention to is the one thing that makes a big difference. What we eat has an impact on our body and the right food can help keep our internal body temperature in check and help our bodies produce more heat and keep us warm and protected from the winter chills. This also reduces the risk of us falling sick due to the chilly weather. Here are some foods that produce heat in the body.

1. Jaggery

Jaggery is a great replacement of sugar. It's healthier due to it's high vitamins and minerals content. It is rich in minerals like iron and magnesium and potassium and helps cure numerous health problems. Jaggery is often used to replace sugar in the tea in North Indian states especially during the winter season because it helps generate more heat and keeps your body warm from inside.


2. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds also known as til are popularly used in sweets. You will easily find til chikki or til ladoo, especially during the winter season. It's rich in iron and calcium which helps in keeping your bones and muscles healthy and it also keeps your body warm by producing more heat. if you don't want to consume sesame seeds you can also use sesame seeds oil for cooking instead.

3. Nuts

Nuts are known to be warm and keep us warm from inside. This is why nuts like peanuts and almonds and cashews and pistachios are great for the winter season. Even raisins and dates help to keep your internal body temperature regulated. They help boost your metabolism and produce more internal heat to keep your body warm.

4. Ghee

Ghee gives your body fatter which is easily digestible and helps generate more heat. Other than this it also boosts our metabolism as well as our immune system and keeps us healthy and warm at the same time. This is why Indian moms love using loads of desi ghee while cooking and pour loads of it on our chapatis and in our dal!

5. Turnips

Also known as shalgam, turnips are a root vegetable that helps your body produce more energy and helps you stay warm. Root vegetables get digested slowly at their own pace and this helps your body generate more heat. Other root vegetables like radish and sweet potatoes are also great for staying warm during winters.


6. Mustard

We all love that sarson da saag and makki di roti during this chilly season. This is mainly because mustard seeds or mustard oil as well as mustard leaves are known to be hot. This is because they have heating properties and help your body generate more heat when consumed.

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