Winter Special Gajar ka Halwa: Quick and Fuss free recipe

Come winters and it is time to indulge in some warm and comforting Gajar ka Halwa. Here is an easy recipe to make a delicious and sinful Gajar Halwa.
Winter Special Gajar ka Halwa: Quick and Fuss free recipe
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Gajar ka Halwa is a famous and an all-time favourite dessert. It is usually eaten during the winter season, during the season of carrots and is a regularly eaten dessert in some regions of Punjab. It has an irresistibly delicious aroma and taste and is a quintessentially Indian dessert.


It is made with ghee, sugar and grated carrots and is garnished with some nuts on top. So this winter, indulge in this popular dessert and make Gajar ka Halwa at home in a jiffy with your loved ones. Here is a simple recipe to make this scrumptious Halwa and satiate your sweet cravings.



Step 1


Take ½ kg of carrots and wash them thoroughly and peel them. Grate them finely and keep aside. Take a handful of almonds, cashews and pistachios and dry roast them in ghee till they turn golden and keep it aside. 


Step 2


In a pan, take 2 cups of milk and bring it to a boil. Add the grated carrots and keep stirring continuously to avoid burning the milk. Cook this on medium heat till the carrots have absorbed all the milk.


Step 3


To this add ½ cup sugar. After adding the sugar, the carrots will become sticky so keep stirring it continuously till the sugar has mixed properly. 

Step 4

Add 2 tbsp ghee in the pan and mix it well with the carrots till it has been properly absorbed. Cook it on low heat till the halwa begins to thicken. Season it with some cardamom powder.

Step 5

Chop the roasted nuts finely and once the halwa has thickened, garnish it with the roasted nuts and some powdered sugar. Serve hot.

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