World Earth Day 2022: Adopt these eco-friendly habits when you travel to save the environment

Here we suggest you 3 ways to welcome this approach and how to travel green to save the environment.

Updated on Apr 23, 2022 09:05 PM IST  |  245.7K
Eco-Friendly Habits when you travel to Save the Environment
World Earth Day 2022: Adopt these Eco-Friendly Habits when you travel to Save the Environment
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We can’t deny that earth belongs to everyone! It is what we call home and this home has provided us with almost every essential thing that is required for survival. But when it comes to earth and the environment, each one of us only contributes to environmental destruction by embracing bad habits. Right from wasting water, depleting natural resources, cutting greens, shopping unnecessarily, or simply wasting food- we all have contributed bits to exploit the environment for our own needs. And while we are talking about the activities that are depleting the environment, “travelling isn't the most eco-friendly activity.” With huge gas emissions and big piles of thrashes on the roads- travelling is a big contributing factor to the deteriorating environment. As a result, eco-friendly travel has become our top priority. Sustainable travel is far more than another Instagram trend; it is an approach to dropping our carbon footprint on this beautiful earth we call home.

 Here we suggest you 3 ways to welcome this approach and how to travel green to save the environment.

1. Donate leftovers and prefer food wrapped in paper instead of plastic packaging

Plastic is one of the leading causes of corrupting the environment. It cannot be decomposed and therefore stays on the earth for aeons. Going in line with the statistics, a total of about 8.3 billion tons of plastic waste is there in the world which is now gradually spinning into a health hazard. Plastics contain harmful compounds and due to their non-biodegradable nature, they dispose of in water reservoirs where they only contribute to clogging and pollution. While travelling, make sure to prefer food wrapped in paper and refrain from asking for plastic bags during any kind of shopping. Also, carry your own water bottles so that you don’t have to consume injurious compounds from plastic water bottles. Additionally, ditch straws when sipping your beverages.

Another habit you can say toddles to “food waste.” A lot of us often always throw the leftovers or open food and as a result, this has led to the situation of hunger and starvation all over the world. Instead of discarding food, be mindful of your eating habits and donate leftovers to the needy or use them in another meal. This way we can decrease the strain of producing more on the earth.  

Prefer food wrap in paper 

2. Shop for vintage clothes and embrace pre-loved items while travelling

Travelling and shopping go hand-in-hand. We often buy items before going on a trip and we also shop when we reach our destination and this leads to buying more than we actually need. Fast fashion leads to massive environmental wastage. Right from mass production, abusing natural resources, to the usage of fabrics like synthetics-unnecessary shopping is damaging the environment in various ways. And that’s why we suggest you shop as per your need or go for vintages if you can. You can also follow the trend of thrift stores in order to refrain your contribution to the mass production of goods.   

Say yes to thrift stores 

3. Say no to printing tickets or travel documents

Agree with it or not, travellers carry plenty of documents. Right from tickets to passes-travellers waste paper like no other! Paper is the 3rd major contaminator of air, water and soil. During the production of paper, chlorine-based bleaches are used which further release toxic material into water, air and soil. During the process of paper corrosion, methane gas is emitted which is 25 times more poisonous than CO2. And therefore, paperless or digital is the way to go while travelling. Keep the important documents on your phone, and opt for e-transactions to save the paper and environment.    

 It is said that small steps make a big difference! Accepting your social responsibilities even while travelling is a great way to initiate! Don’t think that the action of just one human won’t have any big impact. Big changes come from baby steps. Why don’t you take those mini-steps to safeguard the environment?

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