World Tourism Day 2021: 3 Travel essentials during the pandemic

Updated on Sep 28, 2021 12:49 AM IST  |  101.4K
Travel essentials that one shouldn't forget to carry
3 Travel essentials during the pandemic

Packing our bags and teleporting ourselves to a faraway land was a wish of many during the lockdown. But with the raging fury of COVID-19 slowing down, and travel and tourism picking up pace with all the safety measures in place, we can now book a ticket and travel instead.

However, the menu of our travel list has to change, and rightly so. On World Tourism Day, here are a few travel essentials that one should not forget at any cost.

Thermometer and oximeter

In the last one-and-a-half-year or more, we have realised what importance these two have in our lives. While the duo has successfully made their place in our first aid boxes at home, it is important or, at least, advisable to carry them in our travel bags too. You would ask, if COVID tests are mandatory, so why need these two? Though many places provide tourist quarantine facilities in case of any symptoms, they can come into action if you start feeling unwell on your way to the destination, even after getting your test done.


Spare masks and sanitiser

Keep these in extra quantity just like you with your clothes and shoes. While travelling make sure you are carrying good surgical masks or N-95 variety. Only cotton masks, alone, are not recommended. A bottle, or two, of sanitiser would make your journey safe and worry-free.



By this we don’t mean that you carry a chest full of medicines, but only the necessary ones. Vitamin C tablets, paracetamol and other general medicines, if you have certain allergies, that you usually require should be a part of the first aid box. You can also carry a pain-relieving spray and band aids to be on the safer side. Because the pandemic has surely taught us one thing, you can need anything at any time, so be prepared.

Disclaimer: With the pandemic still going on, it is advisable that you avoid any unnecessary travel, or if you are not vaccinated. While some places have made vaccinations compulsory for travelling, others need a negative RT-PCR test. Don’t forget to check for aforementioned points, and travel only if absolutely necessary or required. Also don’t forget to follow all the safety precautions.

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