World Tourism Day 2021: Here’s why travelling is good for the soul

Updated on Sep 28, 2021 12:51 AM IST  |  95.5K
World Tourism Day 2021: Here’s why travelling is good for the soul
World Tourism Day 2021: Here’s why travelling is good for the soul

Celebrated on September 27 every year, World Tourism Day is a day that highlights the importance of tourism in building the economy of a country and in promoting its cultural values. Tourism not only helps in raising awareness about the history and culture of a particular place but also helps in creating several employment opportunities. 


When it comes to travelling to different places, it surely is something that everyone loves and enjoys. Travelling has many benefits. Have a look at some benefits of this fun activity below.




Travelling makes you become more aware. When you travel to a new place, you meet new people and have new experiences. You get to know about their traditions and their history which leads to you expanding your knowledge about that place.


It helps you in breaking away from the monotonous routine. While on a trip, you can forget about your daily struggles and go on a new adventure everyday. You eat good food, visit new places and live an exciting life. 


When you travel, you get out of your comfort zone as you are in a new place and in unfamiliar surroundings. This makes you tougher emotionally and mentally. You become flexible and adventurous and get to experience novel situations. 




Travelling is a great stress buster. You get to take a break from your everyday problems and simply get lost in the novelty of a new place.




Please note that we encourage safe and secure travels that adhere to Covid guidelines like wearing masks in public places and following social distancing. We discourage any violation of the Covid guidelines that can increase the chances of Covid spread.


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