Yak penis, fried rats: Most BIZARRE food eaten around the World

Listed below are the most bizarre food items that are eaten all across the World and is sure to gross you out.
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The beauty about our planet are the difference in ethnicity, culture, traditions, beliefs, festivals and FOOD. The major reason why an individual would pre-dominantly want to travel around the globe is for exploring another city, country or continent. To understand their culture, their way of living and what is ‘normal’ to them. That’s right, what is normal to us, might be completely whack for someone living in South America. Food, however, has always being a major deciding factor if you like or dislike a particular place. While most us know of the various delicious cuisines around the World, listed below are the most bizarre food items that are eaten all across planet Earth.


Tuna eyeballs - Japan

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

The Japanese love fish and believe in not wasting any part of them. Tuna eyeballs are one of the most popular dishes in the country and are sold supercheap on the streets of Japan. They are cooked or boiled and are seasoned with their traditional garlic and soy sauce. It is said that they taste like squid.


Fried grasshopper - Thailand

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

Most of you’ll who have visited Thailand, must be well acquainted with this ‘munchie’ street food. Fried grasshopper is widely popular and is sold for an extremely cheap amount. They are also used as garnish in a lot of their dishes. This dish is also widely popular in China and Vietnam.


Balut, Phillipines

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

This one is going to gross you out a bit. Filipinos are really fond of this dish which is a partly fertilized duck egg, a developed embryo which is semi boiled and eaten with the shell with salt and vinegar. You’re suppose to make a tiny hole, suck in all the juice and eat rest of the inside, which consists of feathers, bones, etc.


Fried rats - China

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

Yes, something like this does exist and I’m not sure if I’d ever want to visit China.

Rats are prepared in the way as chicken. It can be fried, grilled or roasted. Many who have tasted this dish claim that it tastes more or less like pork but very tender, juicy and delicious. Barbequed rats is also a popular dish in Thailand.


Fried Spider - Cambodia

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

While we have people back in our country who would jump miles together as soon as they see a spider, Cambodians somehow hold a different opinion altogether. Fried jumbo spider is a very popular dish in cambodia. They are marinated in sugar, salt and MSG and are fried with garlic. It is said that fried spider has more meat to itself than a fried grasshopper and the end bit of it consists of eggs, innards and excrements. #Dying


Khash (Boiled sheep feet) Iran

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

Mostly eaten in the Arab countries. Khash is cow or sheep feet which is cleaned and boiled for hours and is prepared with garlic, salt and vinegar. It is said to have serious nutritious value and is an ancient winter dish which has now become a famous delicacy.


Yak penis - China

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

Wonder why would one want to eat a penis? Well, it’s not just the yak penis, but cow, sheep, donkey, dog, deer, all these animals’ penises are an actual dish in China. These penises taste like bitter calamari and are often dipped in soy sauce and eaten.


Bizarre is a complete understatement to these dishes listed above. If you know of any more bizarre food eaten around the World then comment and let us know.


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