You need to avoid THESE foods during the monsoon season in order to stay fit

Eat healthy to protect your body from all the infections and sickness that it is prone to during this season; Read on
You need to avoid THESE foods during the monsoon season in order to stay fit
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Monsoon gives us a new appetite for amazing delicious food but not all of this food is good for our health. Our food and eating habits have a great impact on our health. And monsoon has a way of making you fall sick. The moisture and humidity are great for infections and bacteria to breed. These bacteria and infections breed all around us and we need to be careful about what we touch and come in contact with. You cannot avoid getting wet during this season but you can avoid falling sick if you’re careful about what and where you eat. Before you eat food laced with germs and bacteria that make you sick, just take a long hard look at what you’re consuming and the place around it. Eating hygienic and healthy food is essential for our bodies during this weather. Here is a list of foods that you need to avoid completely if you wish to stay happy and healthy and keep infections and sickness at bay.

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1. Fried Food

Before you reach out for that plate of oily pakoras or samosas to go along with your hot masala chai, remember that your body is already having a tough time digesting the food during this season and if you push your body too far it may not be able to protect you from infections. Monsoon is hard on your digestive season and oily food makes it even tougher.

2. Leafy Vegetable

The leafy greens may seem like good, healthy food for your body but during this season it’s better if you stay away from those greens. They are grown in damp soil and become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that is not visible to the naked eye. Consuming these vegetables makes you more prone to infection.

3. Juice

Before you ask the juice seller to give you a glass of healthy carrot or beetroot juice, take a good look at the way he keeps the vegetables and fruits. These fruits and vegetables are kept out in the open and are breeding ground for germs. Avoid these healthy juices from roadside stalls during this season.

4. Chaat

Don’t eat your favorite pani puri or aloo chaat from your favorite stall because it may be delicious, but the water that they use may have gotten contaminated along the way. Monsoon makes water the place where germs and bacteria can breed and you do not want to end up with a stomach infection during the rains.

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