Is your child eating junk food? Here's how to pack a healthy lunch for kids

Wondering how to help make your child switch to healthy food from junk food? Here are some easy and hassle-free meals to cook.
Food & Travel,healthy food,healthy food for kids,food for kidsIs your child eating junk food? Here's how to pack a healthy lunch for kids
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Making kids switch to healthy eating habits can be tricky. The more you try to get them to eat salads or nutrient-rich foods, the more they run away from it. Junk food may be tastier for them, but it does spiral up into a web of sedentary disorders. What’s more, the rate of obesity is also at a rise among young adults.

So, what is the solution to the unending cycle, especially when you know how much fuss they would make about it? Choosing fresh and colourful ingredients to cook something wholesome and appetising seems to be the key. The secret, however, lies in packaging it as a fun snack for their tiffin boxes.

Wondering what to cook and how to pack a nourishing lunch box for your child? Sonia Bakshi, nutritionist and dietician, DTF studio, doles out tips to prepare a healthy and tasty meal for your child. “Breakfast is always rushed with children,” Bakshi says, adding, “It is best to concentrate on packing an exciting and healthy lunch for your child.”

Here are six ways to give a healthy twist to food items and experiment with cooking methods:


Whole wheat pasta made in white or red sauce with very small cut veggies so that child is unable to remove them.


Oats and lentils idli with very minutely grated veggies.


Whole wheat base pizza with cheese and veggies of your child’s choice.

Carrot sticks

Carrot sticks with a dip of your child’s choice or breadsticks with hung curd dip. You can add grated carrot and salt to it.


Healthy sandwiches made with cheese spread and small cut veggies mixed in it. Cut bread into exciting shapes.

Paneer Parantha

Paneer paratha cut in small circular shapes.

Aren’t these options easy and hassle-free? These lunch ideas incorporate lots of nutritive ingredients. They're also simple to make and will keep your child’s little belly fuller for longer.

Warning about going against a child’s choice, Bakshi says, “If your child retaliates to any packed lunch, try not to give it again because it is important that your child eats what you pack for him or her rather than eating from the school canteen or staying hungry.”

So, what are you planning to make for your kid the next time?

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