10 Products you need to stay fit and active while you are stuck at home

Updated on Jun 27, 2021 07:43 PM IST  |  200.8K
10 Products you need to stay fit and active while you are stuck at home
10 Products you need to stay fit and active while you are stuck at home

Since we are slowly getting back to normal, it is vital that we maintain our immunity and health. But what is most important in order to stay safe and healthy, is to look after your body and ensure that you are fit. Laying around at home can make you extremely lethargic and take a toll on your body, which in turn reduces your immunity. Hence, you should make it a point to exercise daily or indulge in some sports that will keep you active and distracted. Since all the gyms are shut, you can always exercise at home or make use of your building compound. Here are a few products that will help you deal with the current scenario a little better. 


Yoga and Exercise Mat 

Self-care does not only mean relaxing, it also means looking after your body. Exercising regularly and staying fit at home is extremely essential as it not only keeps you healthy but also relieves stress. Use this versatile yoga mat to get along with all the workouts that you have missed out on! 



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Yoga Ball 

This yoga ball will make reshaping your body more fun and something you will not want to skip. It stimulates the muscles of the core which will improve your body posture, balance and movement control. It will also stimulate stability in your muscles and will also ensure that all your muscles are used in exercise. 



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Exercise Bike

An exercise bike at home will ensure that all your workouts are covered without you having to go to the gym. It boosts cardio fitness, burns body fat and helps in strengthening legs and lower body muscles. This exercise bike boasts a beautifully and sturdily built steel body and with a simple twist of knob, you can increase or decrease the level of magnetic resistance. 



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Haven’t been able to go to the gym? Or has staying at home made you too lethargic? Now get back into the exercise mode with this 30 pounds dumbbell. Keep your muscles and your body toned and fit even at your home. You can follow your workout routine from the comfort of your home and without having to go to the gym. 



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Shuttlecock White & Yellow 

Who does not like playing badminton? It is one of the easiest sports that you can play in your building compound or at the park. It is a total body workout and also improves your mental wellbeing. But we have all dealt with losing or breaking one too many shuttlecocks in this game. This pack of shuttlecocks comes in a set of 24. They are made from nylon and are extremely long-lasting. 



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Upgrade your badminton playing skills with these super sturdy and highly-durable rackets. They are extremely easy to use and can be used by beginners as well as intermediate players since they provide an easy grip and are lightweight. The set comes in a pack of 2 along with a badminton cover and 3 feather shuttlecocks. 



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Tennis Ball

Apart from badminton, another sport that you can indulge in is tennis. Playing tennis will contribute to your various health benefits like increased aerobic capacities. It lowers your heart rate, blood pressure and improves your metabolic function. This set of tennis balls comes in a pack of 6. They are extremely lightweight, bouncy and durable, and make a perfect choice for beginners. 



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Tennis Racquet 

As parents, it is important that we motivate our kids to get out of the house and play some sporty activities instead of just lying around watching netflix. Since kids cannot go out at this time, they can certainly hang out in the building compound and learn a new sport. This lightweight tennis racket is designed specially for kids as it encourages them to learn a new sport. 



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Ladder Agility Combo

This set is just the perfect to improve your agility and keep you active. You can use this set to either jump over the cones, run in a zig pattern around the cones or do a quick foot in a zig zag drill with the ladder. This set can be used in a number of ways and it helps in enhancing the cardiovascular system while training the leg muscles and also challenging balance and coordination. 



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Skipping Rope 

Skipping daily will play a major role in your health as it improves heart health, increases concentration and stamina, improves body flexibility and also plays a major role in boosting mental health. Hence, keeping a skipping rope at home can be quite helpful. On days when you do not feel like exercising you can just do a few sets of skipping and you are all set! This skipping rope comes with anti-slip foam handles and is extremely soft and comfortable.



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