11 Shower mistakes you have been making all this while

We cannot stress more how important showering is, however, we have been doing it wrong all this while. Check out the shower mistakes right here.
Health & Fitness,Shower mistakes11 Shower mistakes you have been making all this while
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One cannot stress more on the importance of bathing and cleaning every single day. If you don't do it regularly then you will not only smell bad but also the same can cause illnesses due to the growth of bad bacteria. No bathing can also lead to skin issues. If you have been traveling, then you should at least do a power shower with wipes. And if you are a lazy fellow, who is too bored to bath, skipping proper shower will soon adversely impact you.

Did you know that we spend around 1.5 years of our lives inside the bathroom? Yes, that's right! And it should be not surprising as hygiene is very important no matter how much time we consume to get ourselves clean. However, most of us do it in the wrong way. Many of us don't know what mistakes we have been doing while we shower. Bathing, which is a daily ritual of cleansing our body and hair, is integral, but many fail to do it correctly. Check out the mistakes we do daily right here.

1. Using wrong soaps
If you are using antibacterial soaps then let us warn you that they can kill good bacteria as well. One can go for mild soaps with added oils and use gentle cleansers that have added moisturizers. If you have eczema or sensitive skin, then avoid scented soaps as they can irritate your skin. 

2. Not showering after a workout
If you have been avoiding taking bath after a workout or any physical activity then you should not. Taking shower post-workout will not keep you away from the odor but also help you to stay clear from bacteria that sweat stimulates. If avoided the same can lead to rashes. 

3. Not taking contrast showers and using blazing hot showers
Did you know too hot water can lead to skin conditions such as eczema and dry, itchy skin? And that's why you should go for warm water. Many of us are hardly aware of the contrast showers. So, just finishing your shower, turn on the cold water for a few seconds. This will make your immune system better and it works as anti-depressant too. However, make sure to not take contrast baths around sleeping time as it can lead to insomnia. 

4. Taking shower too many times
Have you been taking showers too many times? Then you should try and avoid it as the same can irritates and dehydrate the skin. Bathing often also washes off the good bacteria, healthy oils and it can lead to certain skin infections due to the rise of bad bacteria.

5. Not cleaning shower heads
We often forget to clean the showerheads. Ideally, you should keep cleaning the plaque on it as it can be hazardous. As per some studies, the same can lead to lung diseases. 

6. Leaving razors in the bathroom
After using the razors, dry them with the help of a towel and keep changing the blades regularly. This will avoid the development of bacteria on razors. 

7. Using the same towel for a long time and not replacing loofah often
Don't use the same towel more than thrice. After 3 times, wash it and dry it properly for the next usage. Make sure to dry them properly as damp towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and viruses. Wash them often during summers and also, make sure to keep cleaning and replacing loofah. 

8. We hardly focus on our feet
Most of us hardly focus and wash feet thinking that shower water will travel down the body and feet will get washed. Unfortunately, cleaning feet is not that easy. If you don't clean your feet properly, you might fungal growth. 

9. Install grab bars and anti-slip mats
Thousands of people fall and get hurt each year while bathing. That's why to install grab bars and non-slip mats in bathrooms. 

10. Applying soap around the vaginal area
Not all the areas of your body need cleaning with soaps. You should not apply soap to the vaginal area as the same can upset the balance of natural bacteria and can lead to bacterial vaginosis.

11. Washing hair without combing
To avoid the breakage of hair, before entering the bathroom, go for a quick combing. Otherwise, you will tangle more and this will lead to breakage. Make sure to add conditioner in hair routine for smoother hair.

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