3 Effective ways to STOP food addiction to stay away from empty calories

Your frequent cravings for having processed foods are considered to be food addiction. So, here are some helpful ways to stop them for staying away from empty calories.
3 Effective ways to STOP food addiction to stay away from empty calories
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There are many food items that are unhealthy and people can't resist having them. This happens because of food addiction. This mainly happens with processed foods. These are calorically extremely dense but don’t have any nutrients or fibre. But research says these foods release dopamine which makes people feel good and happy from within. And that’s why we love to eat them. But these foods are just empty calories which quickly get digested and also make everyone hungry. So, people should stop food addiction.

How to stop food addiction?

Symptoms of food addiction:

1. Sudden craving for some types of foods despite having a full nutritious meal.

2. Having craved food in a large quantity.

3. Feeling guilty of having some foods but still not being able to control it.

4. Finding reasons and making excuses to justify food cravings.

5. Trying to hide while eating certain foods from others.

6. Being unable to control the craving even knowing that they are very unhealthy.

Food addiction is a harmful condition that needs to be treated. So, here’s what you can do to stop the addiction.

Steps to tackle your food addiction:

1. First, jot down a list of foods that induce the craving in you and make you binge on them. These are the foods that are the reason for addiction.

2. Then make a list of food places that are your favourites and find their healthy options. This way you can eat healthy when you are not in the mood of cooking at home.

3. Choose foods that are healthy and you also like to eat them.

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