3 Myths about being skinny

Updated on Sep 22, 2021 09:06 AM IST  |  85.1K
Myths about skinny people
Don't fall for these myths about skinny people

You look like a skeleton, eat something. You are too fat, stop eating. You are dusky, get your facials done regularly. You are too white. We all must have come across, at least, one of these judgements passed by people who love to poke their noses in other’s business. And why not? For a fact, we are living in a body shaming world.

If one thinks that having those extra kilos are the only way to put you under people’s scanner, ask those who are skinny, for some reason. There’s a whole lot of people out there who will not leave any chance of humiliating you.

With this humiliation, comes a lot of myths. Here we aim to bust a few.

Myth 1: You can eat whatever you want

Fact: It’s high time we realise that skinny people, too, are humans and no they can’t eat lots of cakes, pastries, packets of chips and all the junk that you can think of. It is a human body, no matter what shape and size it comes in, and it asks for healthy food at all costs.


Myth 2: You are so petite; you barely need any space to fit in

Fact: Most of the girls would agree with us on everybody needs space and comfort. Being skinny doesn’t mean one can fit in even in the tiniest of spaces. So, next time you think of making someone fit in without having the space for him/her, do them a favour by not asking them to fit at all.


Myth 3: You must be eating very less

Fact: There are several medical conditions that can result in weight gain or loss, thyroid being one of them, no matter how often one eats or not. It is time to step in people’s shoes before passing a judgement. A human body can be going through a lot already, and your unasked for opinions are not at all welcome.

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