4 Best home workout exercises to do during Coronavirus lockdown to stay healthy

Updated on Aug 08, 2020 03:39 PM IST  |  801.6K
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4 Best home workout exercises to do during Coronavirus lockdown to stay healthy

Due to the Coronavirus global pandemic, everyone has been sitting idle at home. While you take all the lockdown precautions, you can follow these easy workout exercises at home that will keep fit and healthy. We have listed down the best and easy exercises that can be done during this lockdown at home to the body active. These exercises can even be practiced when the COVID-19 outbreak is over.

1.       Superman Exercise:

Duration: Holding on to the raised position for at least 2-5 seconds in three sets of 12

Focuses On: Lower Back, Hips, Shoulders, Abs and Hamstring Muscles

For this exercise, you need to lie down flat on your stomach on a mat with your arms extended overhead so that your palms face each other, and your legs are extended at a distance. Rest your head down on the mat to align it with your spine.

After settling down in the above position comfortably, exhale deeply and raise both of your legs and arms a few inches off the floor. Extend both your arms and legs without any rotation. Hold on to this position for three seconds and do not move your head or torso and try not to raise your head or back.

After three seconds, gently breathe in and lower down both your hands and legs to their former position without moving your hips or lower back. Once you finish this routine a certain number of times, you must do the child’s pose to stretch your back.

2.       Chin-Ups:

Duration: You must do 3 sets of chin-ups with 8 to 12 pull ups in each set

Focuses On: Biceps

You need a strongly fixed iron rod above you to hold onto while doing chin-ups. Stand facing the rod and put your palms on it. Keep a shoulder-width distance between your hands. Next, keep your arms vertically straight, lift up, hanging from the rod. Then, keep your arms and shoulders extremely tight and rigid in order to hold on to the grip.

After lifting yourself, pull your body up slowly till your chin is over the iron bar by using your elbow joint as a lever. Be in this chin-up position for at least 5 seconds and then lower your body down in a controlled manner to its starting position.

3.       Burpees:

Duration: 7 minutes of burpees are ideal for beginners

Focuses On: Triceps, Calves and Chest Muscles

You start in a standing position, after which you jump up from the floor and then immediately squat down in such a way that your thighs are parallel to the floor. After this your palms, chest and knees should be touching the floor just like in push-ups. While being in the above position, kick your feet backwards as far as you can while you keep your arms extended. 

4.       Resistance Bands For Shoulder

Duration: During this stretch and rotation of the palms, you must hold for 30 seconds and then be relaxed for 30 seconds. The resistance bands exercise should be done in 2 sets of 8 times each.

Focuses On: Shoulders and Upper Muscle

You should stand straight and bend your elbows towards your side, close to your body so that both palms face each other. Place a mini resistance band around your wrists and stretch it by moving your forearms out to the side. At the same time, rotate your palms so that the band faces up once it is stretched out.