4 Common fears of delivering a baby and how to tackle them

Having fear and getting tensed before the delivery is common amongst moms to be. So, here are some common fears that they may face and how to handle them.
4 Common fears of delivering a baby and how to tackle them
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Having fears of delivering the baby is quite a common thing among moms to be. Be it normal delivery or C section, would-be-moms get tensed and scared thinking about it. So, they have to be prepared mentally for this throughout the pregnancy to stay away from any kind of stress.

Their husbands and family members also encourage and keep them stress-free, so that the delivery session goes smoothly. So, here are some common fears about giving birth and how to overcome them.

Common fears of giving birth:

1.Having a C-section: This is considered to be a major surgery by doctors. Women are advised to opt for the C section when the labour fails to progress or the baby cannot fit in the birth canal.

2.Labour pain: During the labour pain, your adrenaline levels spike which helps you to concentrate on giving the birth rather than the pain. But if you do prenatal exercises or yoga regularly, then it will minimise the pain, strengthen your muscle and pelvic area.

3.Having episiotomy: Now, this has been quite rare. An episiotomy is a surgical incision which is done by the gynaecologist when the perineum or the skin between your vagina and anus fails to stretch. It heals within six weeks.

4. Having bowel movement during birth: During the delivery, some women often pass a small amount of stool while putting pressure for the baby through the birth canal. It is normal and there's nothing to feel ashamed of.

How to tackle stress and fear?

It is normal to have these fears before the delivery. But you have to tackle them smartly. Instead of being in denial, face and accept your fears. Talk to your doctor to know the reason for your fear. Facing and accepting your fears will help you to be strong.

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