4 Common reasons of overthinking and how to cope with them

Overthinking is a very common tendency amongst us. So, here are some common reasons of overthinking and ways to cope with them.
How to Stop Overthinking 4 Common reasons of overthinking and how to cope with them
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Overthinking is a deadly cause of many mental issues that also reflect on your physical health later on. In simple words, overthinking is nothing but “thinking about something too much for a long time”. It might seem to be simple and normal, but it has a big impact on one’s mental health and physical abilities too. Someone who overthinks will also feel mentally and physically exhausted all the time because they have invested all their energy in thinking. To be more precise, studies have indicated that overthinking increases your stress levels. Due to this, you are no more in the position to stay productive, you can’t make decisions and you sulk too much into regrets and guilt. So, Dr Anuneet Sabharwal, MBBS, MD Psychiatrist, Founder and Director at The Happy Tree talks about some common reasons amongst people for overthinking and how to stop that.

Common reasons for overthinking

Past- A human’s mind is aware that when the time is passed, they cannot go back and make changes but while overthinking, a human’s mind instantly starts thinking about the past incidents and tries different options of what could have been done. There are regrets of some decisions, the guilt of some actions, and also the worry of not doing things right.

Loss of job- As the pandemic hit the world, there have been many financial issues. People have lost their jobs. So, it’s a major reason for overthinking.

Self-worthlessness- With losing a job, it is obvious that the person would start feeling as if they are not good for anything. And this results in overthinking and self-contemplating.

Future- Planning your future is good but instead of worrying too much about what will happen next, it is important to understand that what we are in the present. So, focus on today.

Here are some ways with which you can identify the issue of your overthinking and work towards minimising it:

Write your feelings or thoughts

Let go of the past

Stop worrying about future

Pursue a hobby or do something that makes you happy


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