4 Early signs of anxiety that you should never ignore

Here are a few early signs of anxiety that you should never ignore.

Updated on Feb 04, 2022 05:02 AM IST  |  487.4K
Early signs of anxiety
4 Early signs of anxiety that you should never ignore
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A racing heart, overthinking, and lots of negative thoughts. If this is what is troubling you, it might be signs of anxiety. While not everyone experiences the same kind of signs and symptoms, it’s easy to find out if you have developed anxiety or not.

So, if this leaves you thinking whether you, too, have anxiety or have you recently started to develop it, here are 4 signs that may help you find it out.

Loss of appetite

While there can be several other reasons that can explain the loss of appetite if nothing seems to be reasonable enough it can be attributed to anxiety. If you are getting anxious, you might lose the urge to eat. Even your favourite foods may no longer attract your attention. Your meals might become smaller and lesser. So, if there’s unexplained loss of appetite, you might be having anxiety.

no appetite

You have started to worry a lot

Even if minor things are keeping you on your toes and you can’t help but worry about them, this can be another early sign of anxiety. So, the next time you worry a lot, so much so that it starts interfering with your daily routine, it can be a courtesy of anxiety.

Loss of interest in things

Things that once made your eyes shine now make you feel stressed. If this sounds familiar and is a common occurrence, it may signal anxiety. In many people, anxiety presents itself in ways that one can’t imagine. So, what you think is normal and a result of boredom can actually mean a lot more. So, a sudden disinterest in things should be seen as a possible sign of anxiety and should be addressed at the earliest.

lack of interest

You have started to overthink

Overthinking is related to anxiety. If of late, your overthinking skills are sky-rocketing it may mean that you are suffering from anxiety. A business meeting, a college assignment, or getting late to work. If all this is making you tremble because you have already started thinking of the worst, it’s nothing but overthinking. That said, there are times when you have intuitions about things, however, overthinking doesn’t have anything to do with it. Overthinking can also leave you stressed and it may affect your sleep.

If you see, these or any other symptoms in yourself, it’s important that you get in touch with an expert at the earliest and seek proper treatment and care. Depending upon your requirements, the expert might give you pills or suggest meditation and other healing techniques.

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