4 Expert ways to tackle anxiety, burnout, loneliness and fear of missing out in teens

Anxiety, fear of missing out, stress, loneliness, etc. are all common even in teenagers. Due to excessive pressure for studies, exams and extracurricular activities, their mental peace gets damaged. So, Ms Kanchan Rai, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Coach, Founder of “Let Us Talk”, shares 4 ways to cope with them all.

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Teenage FOMO and Anxiety
4 Expert ways to tackle anxiety, burnout, loneliness and fear of missing out in teens

Mental well-being is essential to lead a healthy and balanced life. Our mental health comprehends our psychological, emotional and social well-being which means it can have an influence on how we feel, think and behave every day. Our mind has a major role to play in our decision-making process, how we manage anxiety and how we relate to others in our lives. Being emotionally healthy can facilitate one to adapt to deviations in their lives and cope with adversity. But if neglected, mental health can contribute to anxiety, stress, loneliness and fear of missing out particularly in teens.

How stress or anxiety or burnout are aroused?

Emotional unrest is more common in teens than you may think. The teenage emotional state of mind can be hampered due to factors like excelling in their academics, extracurricular activities, peer pressure, relationship issues, parental expectations and the impacts of social media. These aspects demand a lot of attentiveness, contributing to them a lot of physical and emotional exhaustion and lack of achievement. Experiencing chronic stress or burn-out makes one feel empty, saps your emotional energy and makes you devoid of motivation. Teens who are undergoing burnout often don’t witness any hope of constructive change in their situations and can hardly notice when these stressors unfold.

Studies indicate that long-standing anxiety can lead to extreme displeasure and can have a detrimental effect on our physical and mental health. So, Ms Kanchan Rai, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Coach, Founder “Let Us Talk”, shares some ways by which teens can start reframing their thinking patterns in order to cope up with stress.

Track negative thoughts

The foremost thing teens can do to deal with anxiety is to keep track of their undesirable thoughts. They can do this by keeping a gratitude journal or a positivity notebook. On a daily basis, they can consider writing about the things they appreciate about themselves, their lives and their relationships. The moment we start highlighting the good things we have, we are less likely to feel missed out. This will help the teens as well to cope with their stress.

Swap negative thoughts with more constructive ones

Chasing undesirable thoughts will facilitate teens to identify the negative words and phrases they repeat to themselves. Hence, when they catch themselves saying something negative, they can redirect their thoughts by substituting the negative words with positive.

Schedule technology breaks

Social media is a major contributing factor for teenage stress in current times. Turning off technology is definitely a natural cure for releasing depression. But only switching off the phone does not prove to be a viable solution for erasing your stressors. The key is to turn off the technology and invest your time into something constructive like reading a book. Scheduling a time slot for checking social media updates will also enable teens to stay less glued to the screen making them focus more on themselves. This will help them surpass the fear of being missed out.  

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness practices are exercises where-in the person learns to intensely emphasise on whatever they are doing at the moment. It is a therapeutic technique that refers to a non-judgmental observation or consciousness that is concentrated on the present experience. Mindfulness can help those with major anxiety disorders to cope effectively with the stressors.

The most operative approaches for dealing with stress involve addressing the root causes. Mental well-being surges when we stop looking outside ourselves and instead stay focussed on nurturing positive emotions within.

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