4 Reasons why you may keep catching cough and cold frequently

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Reasons why you may catch cold frequently
4 Reasons why you may keep catching cough and cold frequently

A box of tissue paper, Vicks, medicines, and nasal sprays. This is what your bedside might look if you are prone to catching cough and cold. And with that comes, sleepless nights and choking nights due to a blocked nose, and a body that has no energy to get up the next morning.

Not to mention, the thousand taunts that you get to hear from your co-workers and bosses who won’t spare a chance of asking, ‘Why are you always ill?’. While this embarrassment coupled with irritation may want you to give an earful to the person standing right in front of you, you might end up just thinking to yourself, ‘Is this true?’.

So, if you, too, are wondering why you always catch flu easily here are a few reasons.

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Low immunity

Seasonal flu and colds are often have something to do with your immune system. If you keep on catching colds and coughs whenever the season changes, try making small changes in your lifestyle. Add immunity boosters, use ginger and honey, and try to stay away from cold foods whenever the weather fluctuates.


Allergic rhinitis is one of the main reasons behind a runny nose, watery eyes, and post-nasal drip. So, if it’s a particular place where you fall ill or at a particular time, you may be having allergies. These can be both acute and chronic. So, try and identify the causes, and stay away from them. Steam and keeping yourself hydrated may help relieve the symptoms.

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If either of your parents is prone to having allergies, there are chances that you, too, may suffer from it. Hence, keep a check on when you get a cough and cold, and seek help from a doctor.

Seasonal flu

Seasonal flu and viral is common. Since winters have just come there are chances you may suffer from either of these. Not wearing warm clothes, eating junk, not maintaining proper hygiene and staying away from seasonal green vegetables can all be the probable reasons behind catching seasonal flu and viral.

If you are likely to stay down with cough and cold year-round you may consider getting a flu shot after consulting your doctor. This might help save you from the discomfort, unnecessary leaves, and taunts from your boss.

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