4 Techniques to develop mindfulness and focus

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4 Techniques to develop Mindfulness and Focus

When we’re not mindful it means we do not have a say in where our mind goes. The downside is that the mind can meander into negative thinking creating feelings that put the body in a stressful state. This can create physical health issues like high BP, high blood sugar, high cortisol, poor hormonal health, fatigue, headaches, and many more.


The good thing is that this escalation can be controlled and you can train yourself to be more mindful. Here are four techniques to put you on the path.


Single Leg Balances


Balancing on one leg helps improve focus and creates better mind-body awareness. Research has also shown that it helps improve cognitive functions including memory and spatial cognition. Start with Tree Pose and when that gets easier progress into poses like Warrior III or Half Moon.



Suksham Vyayam or Joint Activation


These are subtle yogic exercises that help enhance the flow of prana through the body. In traditional terms, it is believed that prana, or vital energy of life tends to get stuck in the joint systems. Therefore, it is recommended to gently activate all the important movable joints every day. This is especially useful in the morning when joints tend to be stiff.




This is a very powerful technique that helps improve performance, quality of life, and even your focus. Because in order to visualize something, we must focus on it. You can practice visualization with exercises like Trataka, mentally creating different shapes or even alphabets, or trying to recall something with vivid detail. This practice is used in meditation when the practitioner visualizes the symbol Aum or their favourite deity.





Last but not the least, and certainly not the easiest is to develop your ability to observe minute details about regular everyday objects. For instance, you can go to your window and look at a tree that you’ve probably been seeing every day. But this time, set a timer for 3 or 5 mins and look at the tree with a fresh set of eyes. Try to note down interesting details about it, collecting as much data and information about this tree, fully focussing on this activity without being distracted.  You can do this with the patterns on the curtains in your house. You can even do this while eating, by slowing down and taking your time to process the touch, smell, and flavours in every bite.


With an honest intention and some regular practice, you can improve your focus and mindfulness. For the best results, you should devote 20-30 mins every day to your mindfulness practices which must include meditation. And you will start to see the changes in a few weeks.


About the author: Ms Namita Piparaiya, Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle Specialist, Founder – Yoganama


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