4 Tips to follow when you have braces

Updated on Jul 28, 2021 09:54 AM IST  |  121.1K
4 Tips to follow when you have braces

Having braces is definitely not easy. A lot of care, patience and love is required to care for your teeth the right way. Braces are usually worn by people to correct their teeth structure, bite and teeth alignment. Braces can be hard to care for as it is very easy for food and plaque to get stuck around and in them. 


This can lead to cavities, gum problems, stained teeth, bad breath, etc. So if you have braces, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind to maintain good oral hygiene and effectively care for your teeth.



Avoid certain foods


When wearing braces, there are some foods that you should avoid at all costs. These include hard food items such as candy, popcorn, etc. and food items that tend to stick on your teeth such as chewy candies, chewing gum, etc.


Brush regularly


Brushing is the most important thing to practice good oral hygiene while wearing braces. It is recommended that you brush after every meal or snack to ensure that there is no food stuck between the brackets and wires of your braces. 



Visit the dentist often


Keep visiting your dentist regularly, so that they can check if the brackets and wires are firmly in place. If you have any pain in the teeth or feel that any wire is poking you, then be sure to mention this to your dentist.


Keep a box of wax handy


More often than not, dentists do give you a box of wax in your first week of getting braces. This wax can be applied to the brackets when they begin to irritate the gums by constant contact and friction. So, apply this wax or some ghee on the brackets to soften them and prevent getting cuts on your gums.


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