4 Ways to enjoy motherhood without losing yourself

Updated on Sep 26, 2021 01:10 PM IST  |  69.4K
Ways to enjoy motherhood
4 Ways to enjoy motherhood without losing yourself

Sleepless nights, early mornings, no more movie dates and night outs. That’s pretty much motherhood to you. Not to paint it in a bad light, but the phase is just as tough as it is thought to be beautiful.

There may be times when you will yearn for some time for yourself, will miss having your coffee in the favourite corner of the house, and even think how have you made it so far, but that said, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy motherhood without losing yourself.

Stop trying to be perfect

All new mothers would relate to the fact that how hard they try to juggle everything perfectly. However, that’s not humanly possible. Man and woman are bound to make mistakes. Stop running after perfection, appreciate yourself for doing so much for everyone and carry on.


Engage in fun activities with your little ones

Toddlers are a tough deal. But with a little more effort you may sail through their fussy phase. Take time out from your daily chores, or just give up on the unimportant ones, and play with your baby. This will not only give you some time to relax and unwind, but will also help you bond better and stronger with your child.


Listen to your body

Your body needs your attention. You are the one who is carrying the responsibility of the family, and hence, it becomes important that you understand and take care of your health. Do yoga, exercise and meditation. Tell your family you need one hour to yourself, let someone else take care of the baby. If there’s no one to do that, do this when your baby sleeps. Remember, if you don’t stay healthy, nobody in the family can. The more active you are, the happier and stronger the baby will be.

Plan vacation

These need not be long getaways, but a short trip for a day, or two. Everyone knows that a mother is always on duty, but you can be on it away from home too. You can go to nearby places for rejuvenation and to calm yourself. This getaway will not only detoxify you, but will help you connect with your baby even more. If your baby doesn’t like to be around a lot of people, choose a place that is quiet and worth visiting.

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