4 Ways to let go of your insecurities

Updated on Jul 07, 2021 10:11 AM IST  |  126K
4 Ways to let go of your insecurities

Everyone is bound to feel insecure at some point in their lives. This insecurity can be of anything, be it their professional life, personal life or appearance. More often than not, a sense of insecurity stems from comparing yourself with others. You start feeling less important, unsuccessful and unhappy with where your life is going. 


At such times, instead of drowning yourself in self-pity, what is important is to keep your objectivity intact and to think less of yourself. So if you are feeling insecure and low, then follow these ways given below to deal with your insecurities in a healthy manner.

Consider your ego’s role

Note the fact that it is your ego that is making you seek validation from the outside. It is your ego that is compelling you to compare yourself with whoever you meet. So let go of your ego and become a better and more secure person. 

Change your way of thinking

Instead of making yourself feel like a failure, think of your insecurities as a way of working upon yourself by changing your perspective and making yourself aware of your flaws. Acknowledge your insecurities and get to the root of them to know what is it that is making you feel this way.

Love yourself 

No matter what happens, always love yourself unconditionally and wholeheartedly. No one can make you feel insecure when you love yourself and accept your flaws while also celebrating your achievements. 

Be grateful

Thank the Lord for everything that you have and make a list of the things that you are grateful for. Don’t take things for granted and change your viewpoint. 

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