4 Ways partners can assist new mothers suffering from postpartum depression

Here are 4 tips for partners of mothers with postpartum depression.

Updated on Feb 17, 2022 08:31 PM IST  |  370.2K
Mother and father
4 Ways partners can assist new mothers suffering from postpartum depression
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Living with someone who is depressed can be incredibly difficult. This is especially true if you have a new baby and your house appears to be overflowing with things that need to be done right away. You may be concerned for your partner's well-being, worried about your baby, and overwhelmed by the responsibility of making your partner feel better. You might even feel enraged and resentful about what's going on, which is perfectly normal. But rest assured, postpartum depression is treatable, so no worries.

Here are the 4 steps you can take to support the mother who has postpartum depression.

1. Encourage your partner to seek medical advice

Seeing a therapist or psychiatrist for help with postpartum depression or anxiety is the best way to get better. So, the sooner you can get your partner into a doctor's office, the sooner you can start the process. "Let's go talk to the doctor together," you can say if your partner still appears overwhelmed. You can attend her next appointment with her to bring up the subject and ensure she is screened for postpartum depression and anxiety.

help around house

2. Help around the house

Many new parents are under the impression that they must be perfect at caring for their baby and their home. That, however, is simply not possible. You can assist your partner in having more realistic expectations of what a clean house entails. You can also pitch in and assist when you can. It's best if you do it without being asked because asking your partner is a chore in and of itself.

feed partner

3. Feed your partner

Healthy eating habits can assist your partner in feeling more balanced and healthier. When you're caring for an infant, it can seem impossible to eat regularly and healthily, but you can assist your partner in this area. You can bring them food while they feed or nurse the baby. If you haven't already, you can even cook and shop for your partner.

make yourself available

4. Make yourself available

At least once a week, try to nurture your wife by preparing, serving, and cleaning up a meal. There are ways that you can make yourself more available at home. Maybe you could come in late a few days a week so your partner can sleep in, or so you can get up with the baby in the middle of the night. Perhaps you could work from home once or twice a week to be more accessible.

When a woman begins treatment for postpartum depression or anxiety, she usually feels better eventually. So, keep your eyes peeled for the light at the end of the tunnel. The steps you're taking now to assist your partner are important. When your partner feels like themselves again, they'll be grateful for your assistance!

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