5 AMAZING Benefits of drinking lemon water everyday

Having lemon water, first thing in the morning helps keep your body hydrated and start your day on the right note. Here are some health benefits of this delicious and refreshing drink.
 5 AMAZING Benefits of drinking lemon water everyday 5 AMAZING Benefits of drinking lemon water everyday
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While working from home, keeping a check on your health can be a task. There is hardly any fresh air that you are able to get and no physical activity. Moreover, the pandemic is also responsible for weakening the immune system of the body. At such times, having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your body and boost your immunity.


Lemon water is one such thing that you should incorporate in your daily routine. It is delicious and refreshing to drink and is extremely beneficial for health. Here are 5 health benefits of drinking lemon water regularly.  

Hydrates the body


Lemons are rich in vitamin c, and water keeps your body hydrated. Therefore, drinking lemon water everyday ensures a well-hydrated and healthy body.


Aids in weight loss


Drinking lemon water daily boosts the metabolism of the body and helps in burning the fats quickly, thereby keeping the calorie levels in check and aiding in weight loss.


Improves digestion 


Have lemon water when you wake up in the morning, on an empty stomach for it to act as a laxative and improve the digestive process. Having lemon water also helps in alleviating the symptoms of constipation.

Treats kidney stones


Citric acid, present in lemons, helps in breaking up the small stones that can lead to kidney stones. Since lemon water works as a laxative, it helps in flushing out these stones from the body and reducing the risk of kidney stones.


Makes the skin glow


Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps in keeping the skin healthy and maintaining the glow. Drinking lemon water regularly, aids in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scars and dryness from the face. 


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