5 Best healthy carbs for men to speed up their weight loss process

Carbs are often considered to be unhealthy for us. But healthy carbs should be included in your diet plan to lose weight effectively, even by men. So, here are some foods that are rich in healthy carbs and good for men.

Updated on Nov 26, 2020 05:08 AM IST  |  2M
Weight Loss for Men
5 Best healthy carbs for men to speed up their weight loss process
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Being on a carb-free or ketogenic diet is currently in trend to stay fit and lose weight effectively. It either eliminates carb's consumption entirely or limits the intake. It is because carb is often considered to be unhealthy and the reason for weight gain.

But research says carbs are also important and needed to stay healthy. It produces the energy that gives us strength. So, completely eliminating the carbs from your diet is not a good option at all. Rather, you should stick to healthy carbs only to speed up your weight loss program. And this is applicable for men as well. They should also have only healthy carbs for weight loss.

Here are the best carbs for men to lose weight:

Acorn squash

It has good carbohydrate, fibre, Vitamins C and A and all these protect your eyes, heart and metabolism. It is a naturally sweet veggie that is highly healthy.


Apples are rich and have all the important nutrients including brain-boosting carbohydrates and fibre. It effectively reduces the risk of diabetes type 2 and the antioxidants in the fruit protect us from free radical damage.


Black beans

Black beans are the powerhouse of fibre, Vitamin B6, folate, etc. that can provide healthy gut bacteria and reduce constipation problem. It can also prevent the damage of blood vessels and the damage caused by LDL or bad cholesterol.

Brown rice

Brown rice is packed with fibre that is extremely important for our health. It gives us the feeling of satiety thus aiding in weight loss. It is a much healthier option than white rice. You can toss it with some soy sauce, sesame seeds and green onions.

Kidney beans

It is also rich in soluble fibre and protein that regulate your blood sugar level. It can be added to salad recipes.

Other healthy carbs for men

Some other healthy carbs for men are mangoes, chocolate milk, pears, peas, peppers, pineapple, grapes, sweet potato, wheat bread, watermelon, etc.


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