5 BEST weight loss exercises for arthritis patients

Weight loss is increasingly difficult especially when you have arthritis. Here are 5 simple exercises to lose weight without straining your joints.
5 BEST weight loss exercises for arthritis patients
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Losing those extra pounds and the stubborn fat can be quite challenging when you are suffering from arthritis. This is because one of the most common ways to lose weight is to do hardcore exercises which is almost next to impossible if you have a bone disease. 

As a matter of fact, carrying those extra pounds can create pressure on your joints and increase the pain. Getting rid of the excess fat resulting in more fluid being pushed into the joints and takes the pressure off them. Losing weight also has many other benefits like balanced blood sugar levels, good cholesterol, etc. Try these 5 exercises that are suitable for arthritis patients to lose that excess fat.


Walking every day puts less pressure on your joints as compared to running. Walk on smooth and paved roads and grassy areas to put the least possible pressure on your knees.


Yoga helps significantly in losing weight and reducing inflammation around your joints. It improves mobility and boosts the immune system. It helps in achieving flexibility and enhanced movement.  

Tai chi

Tai chi not only helps in losing weight but also in reducing the pain associated with arthritis. It involves slow and gentle movements that strengthen your body. 


Stretching your muscles helps in improving flexibility. You can use stretching straps to stretch your hands and feet with ease. Don’t go overboard with it and only do low-impact stretching exercises.

Chair exercises

Exercising with a chair can increase your body movement without straining your joints. The easiest exercise to do with a chair is sit down on it with your feet flat on the floor and then stand up and again sit down after a few seconds. Do this exercise for a minute every day.

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