5 BEST weight loss tips for women undergoing menopause

Losing weight can be pretty tricky, especially during menopause. Check out these 5 simple and effective ways to get rid of those extra kilos easily.
5 BEST weight loss tips for women undergoing menopause
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When a woman has not had a menstrual cycle for a year, she is said to be menopausal. This menopausal stage can have various effects on their body, be it hot flushes, weight gain, hormonal imbalance etc. The weight gain during menopause occurs due to a drop in the estrogen levels, inadequate sleep, ageing, etc.

It can be quite a challenge to lose weight during menopause. However, incorporating certain foods in your diet and adopting lifestyle changes can help you lose those extra kilos. So here are some weight loss tips for women undergoing menopause.


Due to the metabolic disruptions and bodily changes, you might have disrupted sleep patterns. Not getting enough sleep can also be a reason for weight gain. So make sure to get a sufficient amount of sleep to prevent weight gain.

Low-carb diet

To maintain metabolism and lose weight, a low carb diet is the best. Avoid carbohydrates and have foods rich in proteins and fats. Eat foods like fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, high-fat dairy, fats, healthy oils, etc.

Exercise daily

Doing aerobic exercises regularly can help reduce weight and build muscle. Resistance training too can help in improving the age-related muscle loss and lose that stubborn fat around the abdomen that menopausal women experience.

Lifestyle changes

Adopting some changes in your lifestyle can work wonders when it comes to losing weight. Be it a change in your daily routine or incorporating exercises and aerobics, lifestyle changes can be extremely effective in losing weight quickly.

High-fibre foods

Consume foods like Brussel sprouts, flaxseeds, avocados and broccoli that are high in fibre to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce appetite and aid weight loss.

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