5 Best yoga poses according to expert to combat burnout

Due to the prolonged lockdown and work from home, people are having excessive stress and burnout. So, here are 5 yoga poses to combat the stress and cope with your burnout shared by Subodh Tiwari, CEO, Kaivalyadhama.

Updated on Jul 07, 2021 03:32 PM IST  |  526.3K
Best yoga poses to reduce workout
Best yoga poses to reduce workout
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The pandemic has induced higher levels of stress at all levels, be it physical, mental or emotional. Some researchers have shared alarming observations caused due to higher stress levels of working from home, which include frequent night waking, experiencing more of a blur when it comes to work and personal life boundaries and the struggle with the concept of unplugging from work at home. With home becoming the new office and the school, the homemaker is also working overtime and thus the situation has posed newer challenges to everyone. People are searching for answers to tide over higher levels of stress, fatigue and burnout. But interestingly the 5000-year-old practice and science of Yoga has the simple blueprint and techniques to help us through. So, here are some yoga poses recommended by Subodh Tiwari, CEO, Kaivalyadhama. 

Let us first understand what causes stress? When the emotional, physical or environmental demands challenge or exceed an individual’s personal resources and ability to cope with them effectively, the person experiences stress. A sudden stress response can show as different symptoms like:


Increased heart rate and or respiratory rate

Tremors and Sweating

Headache and body pains 

Dry mouth/throat

Lack of concentration 

Unexplained fear and anxiety


Yoga is an ancient holistic Indian wisdom which guides us practically about our ideal lifestyle. It not only consists of a wide range of practices like Asanas, Pranayama, Cleansing Processes, Relaxation Techniques, Meditation Techniques etc., but it also guides us about appropriate outlook towards life, how to behave, how to conduct ourselves ‘off the Yoga mat’ through Yama-Niyamas (social and individual codes of conduct emphasized in Yogic curriculum)! An ideal lifestyle would include adoption of proper physical exercise routine, adequate rest, proper diet which help in coping with stress in healthy manner and having positive outlook towards life. 

Let us look at some of the simple yoga asansa which can relieve the physical stress accumulated in our body. It is recommended to hold each asana for three to five breaths (one breath equals one inhale and exhale cycle).

1-Daily practice of Mountain Pose, ie Tadasana is highly beneficial since it lengthens and strengthens the spine, legs, and feet, can relieve pain.

2-Follow this with Cow (Bitilasana) / Cat (Marjariasana) three to five times—inhaling to arch the spine for cow, and exhaling to round the spine for cat. The Cat/Cow pose lengthens and stretches the muscles of the back, torso, and neck while gently massaging spine and internal organs.

3-Bhujangasana where the chest is lifted up, while thighs are on the mat is also extremely useful to relieve the spinal stress.

4-In cases of acute stress, relaxing asana like Shavasana and Makarasana are extremely beneficial. They not only help to relieve muscle tension, but also give rest to all vital organs. The strain on joints is relieved, heart rate decreases and metabolic rate also slows down. The breath becomes slow, rhythmic and deep which helps in relaxation of all tissues and even calms the mind.

In cases where one is experiencing mental and emotional stress, breathing practices and pranayama are extremely effective. The following routine can be followed daily for best results:


Breath awareness- Keep the breath as it is or slightly slow and feel the touch of air inside the nostrils. Continue this for 20 to 30 breaths

Practice slow deep breathing- 30 to 50 rounds

Anulom – Vilom Pranayama- 20 rounds.

Bhramari Pranayama- 20 to 30 rounds.

Omkar Chanting- 20 to 30 rounds.

The above yoga practices should be undertaken at least 3 hours before or after a meal. Daily practice of just 30 to 45 minutes would enable one to combat and manage stress.

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