5 Best yoga poses you can try for a firm and radiant skin

Know all about face yoga and how it can benefit your skin with expert tips and 5 yoga poses shared by grandmaster Akshar. Yoga can help tone your muscles. Thus, creating a smooth, firm and radiant skin type. Find out more.
face yoga 5 Best yoga poses you can try for a firm and radiant skin
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Your skin has a way of exhibiting your inner health and state of mind. We have different aspects of health which includes physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. Yoga is a form of holistic wellness which takes care of all these different aspects. Yoga postures can help tone the body, reduce any extra weight from the body, and improve your strength and flexibility along with stamina. 

The biggest and most important aspect of yoga is that it has the power to completely eliminate stress from your life. Stress is one of the biggest reasons for your skin to break out into eruptions, rashes, and acne. When the mind is calm and free from stress then the body and the mind can work in sync with each other. In this way, yoga can give you radiant and glowing skin making you look younger.

Breathing exercises known as pranayama can bring you more clarity, increase your lung capacity and help you to breathe better. Meditation techniques heighten your sense of intuition, bring confidence and clarity to the mind. In this way, every aspect of yoga has something that can repair, improve, or enhance our current state of being. If you are looking for good skin, ditch the makeup products and gain naturally glowing and radiant skin with yoga.

Yoga helps to get the blood flowing and improving circulation within the body so it eliminates toxic waste and purifies the system from inside and outside. Yoga improves digestion by eliminating stomach related issues such as improper bowel movement, and indigestion. Yoga boosts your gut health, builds immunity and keeps many illnesses at bay.

Here are a few yoga poses you can try to tone your face muscles and have radiant skin.

Surya Namaskar

Wake up early in the morning every day to perform Surya namaskar or sun salutation. The Sun Salutation is our gratitude to the divine for the life giving sun and its immense energy. The sun salutation has a total number of 24 counts and can be considered as a full body workout. It improves your strength, flexibility, stamina and sets the foundation for advanced level asanas.


Stand with your feet together in Samasthithi.

Exhale and bend forward.

Reach and hold your toes.

Drop your head towards your knees.

Release slowly to come up and relax.


Lie on your back and gently lift your legs off the floor.

Slowly lift your pelvis and back up from the floor.

Place your palms on your back for support.

Try to align your shoulder, torso, pelvis, legs and feet.

Focus your gaze towards your feet.


Lie on your back resting your palms beside your body.

To lift your legs up, press your palms into the floor and drop your legs behind your head.

Support the back using your palms.

Hold the asana for a while.

Sirshasana (Headstand)

Place your elbows down and interlock your palms.

Form a triangle on the floor with your palms and elbows.

Place the crown of your head on the floor in front of your palms.

Support the back of your head with your palms.

Walk your toes in close to your head until your back starts to straighten.

First, lift your one leg up and slowly lift your second leg up.

Hold for as long as you are comfortable.