5 Effective orthopedic products for health and personal care

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5 Effective orthopedic products for health and personal care
5 Effective orthopedic products for health and personal care

Muscle and joint pain is unbearable if not cured at the correct time. To treat and manage the pain well, you either have to undergo surgeries or consume pills. If you want to keep pills and surgeries at bay, then check out these orthopedic products that provide you with sheer relief and comfort in a budget friendly way. Focusing on the diagnosis of the muscle and joint pain is important and thus you have to strive to improve functionality and kill pain in time. Scroll down to know about the top 5 effective orthopedic products for health and personal care.


1. Orthopedic Electric Heating Belt

This heating belt is a pad that comes with a temperature controller for instant pain relief. The orthopedic pad treats every muscle and joint pain. In addition, it is one of the health care products that improves blood circulation. It subdues pain which is caused by inflammation and eliminates muscle stiffness. 


Price: Rs. 1099

Deal: Rs. 775

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2. Orthopedic Pillow

The orthopedic pillow has a therapeutic design for utter comfort and sound sleep. It has been beautifully crafted with features that will treat neck, shoulder, spine and headaches. It is made up of memory foam that suits your body shape. It provides the right kind of support to the overall body.


Price: Rs. 2399

Deal: Rs. 1249

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3. Orthopedic Lumbar Support Ideal Pillow

For a healthy sitting posture, you need this Orthopedic Lumbar Support Ideal Pillow. The upright position of the spine while sitting is often ignored. WIth this lumbar support pillow will provide 100 percent support to your back making sure that your spine maintains the inward curve. 


Price: Rs. 3599

Deal: Rs. 1499

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4. Orthopedic Basic Ankle Support

This ankle support is perfect to retain the heat of your feet and maintain the warmth of your muscles. The ankle support has a soft grip and leaves no space for discomfort while walking. What’s more? It improves blood circulation. 


Price: Rs. 110

Deal: Rs. 92

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5. Orthopedic Neck and Shoulder Support Strap

This support strap will improve your upper back posture and realign your spine. It strengthens your muscles and cultivates muscle memory with ease. With this support strap gives a guarantee that you will not face any muscle related pain in near future. The strap is skin friendly and comfortable to wear. 


Price: Rs. 1999

Deal: Rs. 999

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Every individual comes in contact with muscle and joint pain in a lifetime. For diagnosing such types of body pains it is necessary to take prior precautions or treat the pain at the right time. To ensure that the pain doesn’t cause any hindrance in your day to day routine you should be prepared well in advance. Seize these orthopedic products and get ready to fight against all types of muscle pain.


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