5 Exercises and workout types that are not helpful for fat loss

If you are planning to burn fats, there are certain specific types of exercises that need to be performed. So, you should know which workout types are not helpful for fat loss.
5 Exercises and workout types that are not helpful for fat loss
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Be it weight loss or just being active and healthy, there are several types of exercises and workout. They serve different purposes to keep our body healthy and active. One of the most important ones is fat loss, which has always been our priority for workout.

But often, we practice certain exercises that have no connection with fat loss. So, if you are still doing them, you will end up with zero results. These are the exercises that are not for fat loss.

Workout and exercises that cannot do anything for your fat loss:

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga poses and Pilates are good to enhance brain function, immunity system and calm and relax. But for fat loss, you need to do weightlifting with cardio.

Barre classes

Barre classes promise to tone your body, but its good for improving your posture and the mind-body connection. It doesn’t help to increase your heart rate or muscle building. So, instead try to include some weight training and cardio exercises to tone your body.


Cardio dance classes

Cardio dance exercises like Zumba is highly beneficial for improving mood, balance, stability and the health of your cardiovascular system. But when it comes to fat, it is not helpful. Instead, practice strength training for fat loss.



The elliptical is a low impact exercise to strengthen your heart. But it will not help you to burn fats. For that, you need to practice higher impact workout like interval running, spinning or HIIT.


“AB” exercises

Instead of doing only sit-ups, try to practice full body exercises to burn fat from your entire body and aim to grow abs.


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